Animal Blawg: An Introduction


Welcome to the inaugural entry of Animal Blawg: your central repository for the latest information about animal issues as they relate to the legal field. The idea for this website sprang from two Pace Law School professors: David N. Cassuto and Luis E. Chiesa, both of whom sensed a need for a place to discuss the legal and philosophical issues that arise as a result of our relationship with non-human animals.


This blog’s scope is intended to be broad, encompassing both legal issues affecting animals and legal issues reflecting animals’ situations. It purports to examine current case law and statutes, as well as the ethical and jurisprudential issues arising from how animals are treated in one of any number of situations. Thus, it presents not only substantive information, but also food for thought.


Animal law in the United States has grown over the last couple of decades from a virtual unknown to being one of the fastest-growing areas of legal scholarship and practice. It is now offered on the menu of every Ivy League law school in the nation. Judges increasingly find themselves presiding over cases involving issues of animal treatment, and demand is rising for lawyers who handle such cases. Increasingly, animal law is taken seriously in the professional world, making it ever more important for law students and practitioners to familiarize themselves with its basics and stay abreast of its developments.


The term “animal” in this context refers to all non-human animals, thereby encompassing animals kept by humans as companions, as well as wild animals, animals used in the entertainment sector, animals living in zoos, animals used in medical research, animals used for cosmetic procedures, and animals raised and killed for meat, milk, wool, feathers, silk, eggs, fur, hair, skin and other body parts.


Various members of the animal law community will be invited to blog on this site, and we look forward to including you in these very important and exciting conversations!


Suzanne McMillan, David N. Cassuto & Luis E. Chiesa