Hot Off the Email: National Institute for Animal Advocacy

I know nothing about this organization.  Can anyone fill us in?

NIFAA:  Because the most important factor in how a lawmaker votes on legislation is whether it could lose him or her Election Day votes

NIFAA:  Because grassroots organizing and political groups that endorse candidates are KEY to winning strong laws for animals—and teaching us how

NIFAA NEWS:  Election 08

Dare to Imagine What Politics Can Be

Democrats Win Through Grassroots Organizing

1   Prominent animal activist elected to CT statehouse using NIFAA how-to book

2   What we must learn from November 4—statement by NIFAA president, author

Julie Lewin

3   NIFAA how-to book spurs new political groups for animals in towns, cities, counties,

states around the US

4   NIFAA launches new

5   Bill Clinton quotes NIFAA’s how-to book on national TV

6   Our acclaimed how-to book,


Why and How to Launch a Voting Bloc for Animals in

Your Town, City, County and State

—and the simple steps it takes to do it”

David Cassuto

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