Why is it a Crime to Have Sex with an Animal?

As of 2001, engaging in sex with an animal was considered a crime in 23 states. The legitimacy of criminalizing such conduct is unclear. It could be argued that bestiality is a victimless crime that is made criminal solely because a majority of the population believes that such conduct is immoral. If so, the criminalization of bestiality would run afoul of a foundational principle of liberal political theory – John Stuart Mill’s harm principle. According to the harm principle, the state may only criminalize conduct in order to prevent harm to others.

Are there additional reasons justifying the criminalization of bestiality?

Some animal advocates have suggested that having sex with animals should be prohibited for the same reasons that justify making it a crime to engage in sexual intercourse with a child. Thus, Gary Francione has stated that:

“Even if animals can desire to have sexual contact with humans, that does not mean that they are “consenting” to that contact any more than does a child who can have sexual desires (or who even initiates sexual contact) can be said to consent to sex.”

This argument can be restated as follows:

(1) It is wrong for a person to engage in sexual intercourse with a living being that is incable of consent,

(2) Animals, like children, are incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse,

(3) Therefore, it is wrong to engage in sexual intercourse with an animal.

The problem with this argument is that it’s unclear whether the analogy between animals and children holds in this context. While (some) animals and children are similar in many ways (chimps perform as well as 2 ½ year old toddlers on some learning tests), I’m not sure that their capacity for consenting to sexual intercourse is one of them.

One of the reasons why we criminalize having sex with a minor is because we know that children are frequently traumatized as a result of sexual encounters. We also know that human beings are often unable to understand the physical, emotional and economic consequences of having sex before they reach a certain age. These concerns seem inapplicable in the context of sexually mature animals. If an animal routinely engages in sexual intercourse with members of its same species, why is it necessarily wrong for a human animal to engage in (non-forcible) intercourse with a sexually mature animal of a different species?  It would seem odd to claim in such cases that the sexual act may traumatize the nonhuman animal. It would also seem strange to suggest that it’s wrong to have sex with the nonhuman animal because he is unable to appreciate the physical, emotional and economic consequences of engaging in sexual intercourse. There is no reason to believe that having sex with a human causes more physical and/or emotional pain to an animal than engaging in sexual intercourse with a nonhuman animal.

Francione has also suggested that it’s wrong to engage in sexual intercourse with an animal because “bestiality is a phenomenon that occurs largely within the unnatural relationship of domestication; a domestic animal can no more consent to sex than could a human slave.” I’m not sure that Francione’s analogy between slavery and domestication holds. Many animal advocates believe that having pets is morally acceptable. In any case, Francione’s argument cannot explain why it is a crime to have sex with a non-domesticated animal.

Let me be clear. I’m not advocating for the decriminalization of bestiality. Rather, I wish to spark a debate about the reasons that justify sending a person to jail for more than ten years for having non-forcible sex with an animal.  If we are going to lock someone up for a decade, we ought to at least be able to coherently and persuasively explain why it is legitimate to do so.  

Luis Chiesa

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  1. I don’t believe it should be a crime. I believe *abusive* sex with an animal should be a crime. Plenty of dogs and horses have no problem soliciting sex from humans.

    Not that I would know such things 🙂

  2. You wrote:

    “The problem with this argument is that it’s unclear whether the analogy between animals and children holds in this context. While (some) animals and children are similar in many ways (chimps perform as well as 2 ½ year old toddlers on some learning tests), I’m not sure that their capacity for consenting to sexual intercourse is one of them.”

    Quite simply animals are not children. The comparison is invalid. If animals can not consent to sex than it follows that animals should not be allowed to have sex with each other, either. We’re talking about sexually mature animals here.

    Animals don’t consent to a wide variety of things human beings do to them such as slaughter, castration, or experimental science procedures.

  3. And why do all jurisdictions criminalize incest and prosecute individuals for this offense when both are otherwise legally competent to consent to sexual relations? The rationalist argument about the possibility of defective offspring holds little strength given both the availability of contraception and the reality that no one would propose criminalizing marriage or sex between genetically compromised adults.

    Let me be clear. I’m not advocating for the decriminalization of incest. Rather, I wish to spark a debate about the reasons that justify sending a person to jail for many years for having consensual sex with a close blood relative.

  4. Why the caution. These laws are a great example of legislating private morality.

  5. Interesting post.

    How does define “animal” in the criminal statutes mentioned above?

    Because there must be a line drawn somewhere, are there some “living entities besides humans” with which you can have sexual intercourse with? And if so, how can one make a reasoned distinction between that and a dog?

    Further, how is “sexual intercourse” defined? One hears of jokes regarding the dog who licked peanut butter off of the owner’s genitals. Does this count, or is only penetration banned?

  6. These laws legislate private morality. I have no problem with two consenting adults who have incestuous sexual relationships. Likewise I have no problem with those who chose to have animals as sexual partners. If the animal(s) are sexually mature, and if there is no physical abuse, where is the problem? It seems like laws that criminalize fringe sexual behaviors are based upon the ‘icky’ factor. Proponents against incest/bestiality can get by using the icky factor in their arguments because I imagine very few people would stand up and defend incest/bestiality in a logical way without looking suspect. Just my take on it! -Greg

  7. […] Blawg asks the question that is, one suspects, on every orgyist’s lips, why can’t we legally shag animals? In Florida it seems one can. A date you can screw and then eat it is a sad rarity these days. […]

  8. Hey, i think screwing animals is kind of gross…. BUUUUUUTTT… people have the right to have sex with animals (even though the Bible says it’s wrong) because frequently animals initiate sex with humans (and in some cases have raped humans) They have basic decision making skills and are capable of primal thought. Therefore sex with animals (though wrong…) is not rape and is frequently acceptable to said animal.

  9. Having sex with animals is wrong, anyone can feel it in their heart. People are made in the image of God, therefore having sex with an animal is an unclean act of disobedience. If people are having sex with an animals then those people should fear God and be ashamed, God is above any law. Having sex with an animal hurts you spiritually, protect your eyes for the eyes are the window to the soul. I say this because it has to start somewhere, like watching bestiality porn. In the lines of common sense, God said that we should rule over them, not have sex with them, where is the dignity, we are humans. The human body is beautiful, should we insult, and degrade ourselves, of coarse not.

  10. >Having sex with animals is wrong, anyone can feel it in their >heart.

    I don’t.

    >People are made in the image of God

    How do you know? Have you checked yourself?

    >Having sex with an animal hurts you spiritually

    So what?

    >In the lines of common sense

    Define common sense.

    >God said that we should rule over them

    No I didn’t!

  11. People naturally want to believe in what makes them comfortable, or what meets their standards. You think that having sex with animals is OK, that is your standard. This is completely against Gods law on how his children should behave. People are made in the image of god, book of Genesis. You should start here my friend. You only get one chance on earth, one life, one opportunity, your days are numbered. Common sense is knowing that that the flame is hot, putting your hand in would equal a burn. Do not test the Lord your God. People are lost, and through Jesus, he is the only way to the father.

  12. Am from Costa Rica and I practice zoofilia wild-wolves@hotmail.com

    For once the people that believe in god… any comment from them kinda useless, considering religion is based on faith and faith is equal to believing in something with no proofs.

    So any believes a religious person can have about zoophilia can be taken as seriously as they believe someone can make wine out of water or revive from death.

    Also in the bible says is wrong to have sex with animals, but you know what does not say? It does not say is wrong to have sex with children (if you marry first), theres other stuff in the bible that people don’t follow… I bet you people don’t do animal sacrifices for stupid reasons (like when each time a girl has a menstruation) your bible and your god demands those. People just use what they want from the bible and ignore the rest, they are hypocrites.

    Back on topic: I think sex with animals should not be legal, only illegal is the animals is abused, forced to it, or sex is done without consent of the owner.

    Animals can consent in their own way to have sex with other animals or other species (human included), and when humans are the one having sex, they have the knowledge to not hurt or force the animal to it, in most cases animals are the ones that start looking for sex or the animal does not care to have sex with a human.

    To sum up, animals are property of the owner if having sex with your stuff produce to it pleasure, happiness, stress relieve, and medical improvements to your property, it should not be illegal.

    Make illegal abusive sex, not consented sex.

  13. Common sense,infections, side effect… etc. All this should be considered. Its wrong to av sex wit animals! Period !
    My name is Wise from Lagos, Nigeria

  14. […] I believe that there is a way to explain this inconsistency. As I pointed out in a previous post, it’s unclear whether the purpose of bestiality statutes is to protect animals from cruelty. […]

  15. i think that making love to animals should be legal, and why not, who are we to say who another can or cant love, the assholes of this world say its cruel and should not be, thats just because they would not do it, thats like saying if i dont like to eat egg then no one should eay egg, i think its ok to love even if it is an animal, and befor anyone says it, i think that the one’s that do harm to the animals should be put in jail, and so on, but it dont mean we all dont truly love our animals, but just because some out there do harm why should we all pay there price, you get child abusers and rapeists and other sex crimes but yet you/they dont ban humans having sex to try to stop the dad things happening, so why stop thoses who trully love the animals………….. IT SHOULD BE MADE LEGAL WORLD WIDE AND THE BAD ONES DELT WITH LIKE NORMAL.

  16. would just like to add…. the animals must be there’s.

  17. make it legal


  19. To all those whom are saying that it should be illegal because god decrees it wrong, then consider that the U.S. is made to let all religions be practiced, not to enforce your particular religion. While I’m not for or against making bestiality legal, I do think that making it illegal because it is against your religion is wrong.

  20. Wow I think wathever sex we have should be between men and woman we cannot forget that the impotant part of sex is to have babies and help the huma race survive if we start heving sex with animals how can we procreate…

  21. There’s just no biological reason for beastiality…u can’t reproduce so there’s no reason for it…it’s as pointless as masterbating when it comes to attempting to procreate

  22. It is illegal because the people who wrote the law understand that it being “Wrong”, as in “Wrong” by a mentally healthy human beings mind first registers when thinking of it. Why? That’s a simple answer, that is all but lost on todays generation, sadly, and that is, FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. Sex is a sacred gift from God, designed to bring two human beings together in a way that cannot exist in any other form of physical or emotional connecting on any level. When you consider, and then engage in such behavior with an animal, you subconsciously bond with that animal, which is incapable of making you a meal when you are tired, which is incapable of relating to you on almost any human level, and will not live nearly as long as you in most cases. Such behavior is so unhealthy, it is amazing to me why people even ask why such laws exist.

  23. @Montreal exotic massage

    People can be zoosexual plus heterosexual, so they can still reproduce and have babies with humans till the earth dries up for human overpopulation and lack of resources.


    Most people masturbate, theres plenty people who is sterile and plenty people who is homosexual. You want to make all that illegal together with zoosexuality?

    PS: If god does not like zoosexuals he can come in person and tell it to. You puny humans have no rights to chose something that is up to your god to judge. ((BTW I’m an atheist))

  24. hers the thing it should be up to the person and the animal if its ok to have sex not the state. and this hole thing about god 1 the bible is not or every was to be taking as it is and will be no end to the human race and ya god made us in his image but god give us free will and freedom of choose and he gave us th gift of life and he wanted us to live it not blind are selfs to it that would be a west of such a gift . no im not saying i agree with bestiality 1 way or another

  25. Lots of people here argue to legalize bestiality, but immediately they would state they do not like it, “it’s not for me, I am just being considerate for other”, why? Because in their heart, they also know it’s wrong. But people nowadays try to deny authority, deny common sense, try to deny their heart but force themselves on to this kind of “liberal concepts”. Don’t stray too far, follow your heart when making decision.

  26. Although I can definitely say I disagree with it, I can say that it probably should not be illegal, especially if one owns the animal they are having sex with.


  27. lets see,gay sex and marriage and bringing kids up and advocating to school children and forcing gay rights on normal; people is fair game,but,animal husbantry,not advocating it,has no rights.same thing,diffgerant speacies.doublestandards no matter how anyone rebukes it.if gay sex is the law/norm,then people should have the right to animal lovers,however,the animal must be of average size and age,and not in human age.2 years is a good age..

  28. we all try to make ourselves better by saying, “God said this and/or that.” but how do we know that God made the Bible? seriously consider exactly who wrote it. you find out that the Bible was not written by God but those who have claimed they had a connection to God.

  29. Why not.I fucked a female goat .
    Before i fucked it ,i played with its breast and pussy.its pussy became large!.then i penetrated it.both of us enjoyed greatly.because they enjoy having sex with human,it should be legal.

  30. I am a zoosexual, and It is so hurtful to think that it is against the law in most states to be sexual active with an animal. There are a lot of us out there just like me who love and respect ther mate, and would never do anything to harm them. They get consent from the actions of ther mate, and not words. Yes animals will kick or bite if they do not want your advances. They enjoy the attention and give back the same. I was in love wiith my mare, and we were together for 10 years until her death. I felt like I lost a wife. Yes, I was physically and emotionally in love with her. I am not a dumb farm boy that cant get a date….. I am just a normal person with a different sexual preffrence. I am Gay with humans and Bi with horses. I do not understand this at all, but have always felt this way.

    I do not eat anythng that has hooves. I am attracted to cows, horses, deer, sheep ETC.

    We must ask ourselves……. why is it ok to kill a cow without thier consent, and cut its parts to sell to the public, but if you make that animal feel good sexually, you can be put in jail for 10 years.

    It hurts us deeply.

    I am a law abiding person, and honest to a fault, but because their are laws out there like that, it has made me a crinimal for being who I am.

    Animals are bred all the time, which really is ‘forced rape” where is the consent there, where is the tenderness, caring about feelings, and love. That is ok by our society, but if a person did the same thing with caring, respect, tenderness, and love, it is a crime.

    I do not understand.

  31. if they think having sex with animal is right why can they mary the animal so that they can live together as husband and wife(eg kane weds dog).how would you embrase nonsence,what is bad is bad.having sex whith animal is rong.im not talking about GOD. in your human sense is rong.

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  35. If this has already been mentioned, Im sorry, but i do see a fair amount of reason in the idea of prezygotic and postzygotic barriers. Certain animals aren’t meant to breed with certain others.

  36. I think having sex with other primates is ok but having sex with other animals is wrong.If a human has sex with chimpanzee’s,monkeys,gibbons,gorillas etc who are in primate group its ok because we stay in same primate tree

  37. i personaly find the idea of sex with animals wrong in every sense.. Bet it all goes down to how u fil about it personaly.

  38. I don´t know but I don’t care about animal welfare in general nature is cruel. But I do care well being so I don’t find it not in my best intrest for long term health to have sex with none human mamal.

  39. I could not be more disappointed than to see you sprouting this garbage. If you cannot figure out what it wrong with this, you are in deep trouble in your basic understanding of life. I will not be following your blog any longer. This is not only ridiculous, but utterly base drivel.

  40. I have a theory, animals are different then children, however they cannot give their consent children who have been sexually abused sometimes feel guilt because it “ felt good” animals sometime “feel good” too from what I have read, however it does not make it right! Eating meet and experimentation (I feel it should be limited)
    is and should be done to advance are species, and I feel evolution programs this into us. Having sex with animals does nothing to progress our species, im sure animals would prefer having sex with another animal of the same kind if given a choice, so to say that it’s okay because it feels good is just a bunch of crap! I had a dog for 14 years and I truly loved her, however you can love an animal and consider them a partner without raping them, just because they seem to like something does not make it right, that’s sick in my opinion!

  41. Then it should be illegal to kill them for a steak. I am sure no beef cattle ever consented to being killed and eaten. so, therfore, it is just as wrong to do that as it is to have sex with them. At least, after human and animal sex, they can BOTH go on and have young.

  42. WTF. This is just… sick. I mean, really, sick. Furthermore, your header says “transcending speciesism since October 2008” — if you claim to “love” animals so much, then why degrade them by bringing them down to the level of sicko pervert people? You probably think Jeffrey Dahmer was just on an alternative protein diet when he made Soylent Green out of children! WTF are you people, Hannibal Lecter? Is there a reason those lambs went silent — sexual trauma?

    Animals do things based on instinct. People, it’s based on choice. A person could be gay and choose not to have sex with another person of the same gender. Likewise, a person can be straight and choose to remain celibate. So too could the reverse occur: a gay person have relations with someone of the opposite gender and a straight person have a gay relationship. The attraction is what’s native (“born that way”); the action, however, comes down to choice.

    However, the line does need to be drawn somewhere. Non-human animals are not able to consent in the same way as humans do to each other, and bestiality is illegal because it is a form of rape. I agree that it should also be illegal to kill animals for food or clothing or use them as entertainment, i.e. in circus acts, but so too should this be illegal for people too! THAT is the correct argument against speciesism, that the horrible things we don’t allow done to people should not be done to animals either. Not the other way around, which basically sums up as “monkey see, primate do.”

    You don’t see penguins humping monkeys or polar bears; WTF gives you the idea that people (human animals) should be allowed to do these kinds of things with other animals? What’s next, plants? Am I to assume that Dana Carvey’s “Choppin’ Broccoli” actually refers to a sexual act? How about rocks? Coral reefs? Let’s go to another planet and find a whole new ecosystem to fap to, why don’t we? This whole argument is just sick.

    @D “At least after human and animal sex, they can BOTH go on and have young.”

    You mean like Jim Breuer’s “Goat Boy”? That is just baaaaaad.

  43. I want this legalized, just like medical marijuana! With homosexuality legalized, it’s unfair to have this still illegal..I don’t care about two humans mutually consenting…Consent was a speciesist concept created by humans to control the morality of different people and should have no place in sexuality..Besides, humans came from chimpanzees or some kind of apes..Science can prove that! Animals can perfectly consent: Horses wink, female dogs turn their rump (butt) towards you and wag their tails and male dogs sniff you, hump your legs and mount you…

  44. a couple of things… an animal will not have sex with a human being unless that human being manipulates it by stimulating its genitalia and training it to fuck the person, it will not naturally ,without, persuasion, choose to have sex with a human… just like a young child will not choose to have sex with a grown man unless he/she is lied to about sex, example: “daddy loves you and i show you i love you by touching the parts that feel good, and putting my fun parts in you, because i love you” the child is too young to know anything about sex other than it feels good, the adult understands this manipulation, animals also only understand it feels good. it is morally wrong (sadly morality has a bad name these days for some reason) because the animal is essentially too ignorant to understand that its being manipulated for sex..in any way , it is the mind of the person that is in greater danger than the animal, no lifeform should be used for selfish pleasure.. it is wrong because it is obviously wrong…we do not sleep with animals in nature , it is a twisted society and deviance from nature and the truth that has made these acts possible…not judging just saying,,, take a look at what you are doing…sex is never that important, by a pocket pussy or something,keep the animal kindgom out of it, even if they like it, you are still manipulating them , animals in nauture have sex to reproduce only, not for something to do cause theyre bored ok…dont perversify them like weve done to our own species.

  45. The best argument against, is not that argument about animal welfare, as I agree with mario it shouldn’t matter, since nature and survival in itself is a completion between species. So anyone that want ban killings of animals is of course out of his right mind and don’t have any basic understanding about biology. All sex that is not for breading is actually not sex, in the most narrow biological term. Although masturbation might be natural form of release if the tension builds up to high, Only when its done by one itself with no external tools to aid it.

    But I think there is also health factor why it should not be conducted, as there evidence one can catch sickness from animals after having physical contact with them, even if its not aids or STD.

  46. May well 15, 2006· sugar gliders help make great pets if you possess the time for you to take care of them. In the event you commit a lot of occasion together they will kind a powerful relationship with you …animals

  47. This blog, “Why is it a Crime to Have Sex with an Animal?
    | Animal Blawg” indicates the fact that you comprehend precisely what you’re talking about! I definitely approve. Thank you -Chastity

  48. Why is sex with with a non human animal a crime? It is because people are making religious condemning laws is why it is a crime. Religious people arrested Jesus in Gethsemane. The servant of the high priests ear was sliced off.
    The law of people is evil, and foolish. People want to use the KJV as a weapon. I use it properly.
    1 Corinthians 3:19,King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.
    why is it foolish?
    Romans 2:1,Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.
    The same thing is sex. The condemned see Gods glory as a consuming fire. Not a pleasant end to body, and soul. There will be a city so grand the devil will for the first time rush head long into Gods glory trying to take the city of all cities that will be see by the devil, Revelation 20, KJV, read all of it. No eternal fire around the city of God.
    When a person is able to have sex with a non human animal they have already consented. Judge yourself. I say that, but it goes in one ear, and out the other. Maintain the anal retentive consent thing with sex, and people will have to sever their normal relationships with the non human animals entirely because according to people they have not consented according the human way of consenting
    The consent argument is a weak argument. All it does is make conflict. ..

  49. “Why is it a Crime to Have Sex with an Animal? Animal Blawg” ended up being a great blog post and therefore I was in fact extremely joyful to come across it.
    Thank you,Rosetta

  50. I actually blog as well and I’m authoring a thing related to this specific post, “Why is it a Crime to Have Sex with an
    Animal? Animal Blawg”. Would you mind if I personallyapply
    a few of your points? Thanks for your effort ,Marilynn

  51. I would not mind at all. That is why I write what I write . I want to have as many people see what I write having others teach others what I write. Knowing the KJV identifies us with the beast makes it virtually imposable to be a sin having sex with another beast. If non productive sex was to have a capital offence many infertile couples, old people, gays, and zoos from all sexualities would be executed like a terrorist executes a person. That would be a massacre of epic proportions That is war. What else can it be? We must work together to end war. Thank you for working with me.

  52. I would not mind at all. That is why I write what I write . I want to have as many people see what I write having others teach others what I write. Knowing the KJV identifies us with the beast makes it virtually impossible to be a sin having sex with another beast. If non productive sex was to have a capital offence many infertile couples, old people, gays, and zoos from all sexualities would be executed like a terrorist executes a person. That would be a massacre of epic proportions That is war. What else can it be? We must work together to end war. Thank you for working with me.

  53. I believe everything published was actually very logical.
    But, think about this, what if you typed a catchier post title?

    I mean, I don’t want to tell you how to run your blog, but suppose you added something that makes people want more? I mean Why is it a Crime to Have Sex with an Animal? Animal Blawg is kinda boring. You should glance at Yahoo’s home page and note how they write news headlines to grab people to
    click. You might add a video or a related picture or two to get people interested about what you’ve got to say. In my opinion, it would make your posts a little livelier.

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  55. Some of the comments here make me think it is okay as far as they are concerned. These type of people who rationalize AND DON’T TAKE A STAND is the reason people are doing sickening things like this. The Bible says they both should be killed. Even though I think White people are as freaky as hell I must say there are Blacks who do the same. In Burma they have captured an Orangutan and men pay $25 to have sex with it. In the U.S.A. a man runs a beastial farm. White men go there to screw dogs, goat and they even said rats. A man states he had an on going affair with a Dolphin for months. These people have no shame. That’s why we have aids. IF YOU ARE GOING TO SCREW SOME ANIMAL AT LEAST USE A CONDOM SO YOU DON’T SUBJECT YOUR CHILD TO BE BORN THIS WAY!!

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  57. Question : Logically speaking, if animals can not give consent, then all animal sex (male dog with female dog) is rape? That does not fllow common sense.

    Question : If a dog initiates sex with a human (humps a leg, mounts a person who is on all fours in another corner of the room), is that not consent?

    Question : Which is the greater harmful person to an animal? :. The person who allows a dog to initiate and engage in sex? Or the person who slaughters an animal against their will and then eats the animal?

    Question : Which is more unnatural? Domestication of animals? Or homosexual sex between to humans?

    Question : Which is more harmful to animals? Forcing life long celibacy onto an animal ? Or allowing an animal to initiate sex with a human?

    I’m not advocating for beastiality, I’m just asking questions on logic.

  58. Legal question : If gay people have 14th Amendment rights and equal protection under the law clause protection to enjoy homosexuality and engage in gay marriage, why do those engaging in zoo sex not have the same legal rights?

  59. I just have to correct :

    “an animal will not have sex with a human being unless that human being manipulates it by stimulating its genitalia and training it to fuck the person, it will not naturally ,without, persuasion, choose to have sex with a human…”

    Not true. I have witnessed many male dogs, of many breeds, who start their sexually mature lives, with very high libidos and having sex with anything they can.

    I have see many male dogs hump pillows, human legs, etc. I have see children play “dare” games with dogs newly sexually mature, dry hump a human with clothes on, and all the human has to do is go on all fours in another part of the room.

    I just want to have the facts be cleared up. A young sexually mature dog will initiage sex with a human. This is fact.

  60. ” Having sex with animals does nothing to progress our species,”

    Neither does two male humans having sex or two female humans having sex.

  61. Deer Tries To Mate With A Teenage Girl


    There is no human force or coercion here…. indeed, these two videos demonstrate it’s THE HUMANS…. it’s the opposite … not wanting the sex

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  65. Why is it a crime to have sex with a non human animal? It is the nature of human law to make a crime out of literally anything. Human law is mans wisdom. God calls mans wisdom foolishness.

  66. ILLEGAL. I saw a picture of a girl fuxking a dogand it made me cry. This is the most disturbing topic I have EVER encountered.
    This is worse than terrosism. No wonder
    Our world is SO FUCKED up. I pray to god that this becomes illegal in every country in every state. And I hope that who ever does this disusting crime should be shot murdered killed have and
    Fed to the fucking animals becauee they are clearly very VERY mentally challenged.
    These people should all die because they are fucking up our world. And we don’t need them. Hope you fucking sick FUCKS die or get a real fucking Human companion you desperate sick fucks. You disgust me.

    – a believer of sanity and darwinism

  67. You are one that will s die in Gog and Magog if yous do not repent. Based on Romans 1:28, God does not like A froward, proud, boastful, implacable, unmerciful, maliciousness, murdering, reviler without understanding or natural affection = having no love. That is what God hates, not any sex. All of that that describes humans against the gay, zoosexual, Pedo, and on, and on.
    Repent of your murderous mind. The zoo does not have your mind. There is a war staging seeing the nude form and heterosexual sex too. Just let a cop see whoever having a persoin to young to kill in war see it.

  68. This is for Jean,

    Why is it so disturbing for zoo sex but gay sex is legal? Let’s substitute zoo sex for gay sex and see how you sound….

    “ILLEGAL. I saw a picture of a guy fuxking a guy and it made me cry. Gay sex is the most disturbing topic I have EVER encountered.
    This is worse than terrosism. No wonder
    Our world is SO FUCKED up. I pray to god that gay sex becomes illegal in every country in every state. And I hope that who ever does this disusting crime should be shot murdered killed have and
    Fed to the lesbian sex becauee they are clearly very VERY mentally challenged.
    These gay people should all die because they are fucking up our world. And we don’t need them. Hope you gay fucking sick FUCKS die or get a real fucking opposite sex Human companion you desperate sick fucks. You disgust me.

    – a believer of sanity and darwinism


  69. This is for artiewhitefox,


  70. Sorry, my English on the last post was not very good. People said gay sex was evil too. There is a war against all forms of sex. The people at war against it do not have charity which is the bond of perfectness. Colossians 3:14. Charity is being like a humble trusting child. 1 Corinthians 13: 4. King Jamies version. People that are at war against the zoosexual cannot have charity thus are not perfect in their soul.

  71. In the Bible , God offered Adam all the animals as a mating partner. , but Adam couldn’t find the right fit, so God made Eve , It does not say that it was a sin for Adam to try all the animals .

  72. Whether you believe in God or not, it is absolutely wrong, immoral and downright disgusting to have any type of sex with an animal. You were given a brain, a heart and the ability to have logical thinking which would include some damned common sense. Having sex with an animal is absolutely just as bad as molesting a child. If you do not see anything wrong with either of those things, I suggest you get a mental evaluation because you are extremely disgusting individuals. No matter how you try to explain yourself… You are sick and one of the very reasons why the intelligence of the human race is declining.

  73. Reblogged this on " OUR WORLD".

  74. i thin k people who do such things like that are like what can i say they r derranged u can not even begin to picture the moment that the woman and animal are having sex with each other not to talk of how the child is going to look like when born not only is this a sin to God but to the society as well what i think is for this people to be sen and interviewed so they can tel us what really happened before the act took place is it that this person is not interested in men and other human beigns in the society.But the question remains.Has this ever happened before yes we see the pics of the people online but thats not proof enough

  75. People want to make whatever illegal.That is the only way for one hateful person that dies to deceve themselves into thinking they are better than another person that dies. People worry about nothing. The zoo finds blessed peace with the non human animals. They cannot find peace with an angry bitter person who wants to arrest or kill them. The zoo does their best to stay away from people like that.

  76. Bruno d: How many times must I say this: people hating people is a sin to God. Hate made Cain kill Able. The zoo might as well be Able.

  77. I love my dog I give him love and anything he wants. I would not do anything to harm him. why can’t you people just get that we all are not in it just for the sex. we do more with them then just that I take him for walks. I take him to the dog bench he loves playing in the water with is other dog friend. I do everything with him until I go to work. but after that it is all about him. Please make this legal. I would kill my self if some took my love away.

  78. I mean really. I can not feel for humans so if you make this illegal. I would die alone and and alot other good people like me would die alone too. You people are like adoft hitler taking one group of good people and just killing them.

  79. I believe in god so much. He would not hate sex with animals. God put people like them down here to show that no matter what you look like it does not beat true love. People have been having sex with dogs before there were dog they would mate with wolves. why you people can not just get it. You sick people think that looks matter get some seanse. I love my wife but just because I was placed into the right body. Do you really think that they like having to be human. this is hell to them knowing that you can’t be in a body to be profit with the one you love.

  80. Ok, after all the years this has persisted, let me give you the legal answer. In order to consent, a creature must first have personhood. Since at this time, none but humans and corporations have personhood (limited), no animal can legally testify in a court of law to defend themselves. So consent can not even be argued. Therefore, by default, any sexual act between a human and non-human creature is rape.
    Also, if a dog humps your leg, that is the dog putting their scent on you, marking you as their property. That is an act of dominence and power, not sex or an invitation to have sex. And if you do have sex with such an animal, that animal will view you as subserviant. Not a place you want to be.
    Any captive creature will eventually have behavior similar to Stockholm Syndrome. It doesn’t mean that it wants to mate with you, it is intelligent to enough to figuure out that it is dependant on you for food and water therefore, life.
    Two wolf and wildlife biologists proved wolves are intelligent enough to suffer PTSD.
    Dogs are hard-wired to please their owners. People use or confuse that with consent to unnatural acts. Doing this to animals is the human’s problem. It requires the attention of the law and someone with a degree in abnormal psychology.

  81. I think sex with humans and animals should be accepted weforse many things on animals yet when it come to sex we say NO we should be allwoed to have sex with any animal

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  83. People that attack another for the sex they engage in have an inferiority complex. They feverishly try to be better attacking another. They think the the act of verbal and physical attacking fixes their inferiority complex fixing nothing.

  84. People that attack another for the sex they engage in have an inferiority complex. They feverishly try to be better attacking another. They think the act of verbal and physical attacking fixes their inferiority complex fixing nothing.

  85. If it were up to me, those who fuck animals would be executed. You’re sick, diseased individuals. Your lives are worth less than the lives of the animals themselves. Simply put, the world would be better off without you.

  86. Melody’s response does not make logical or legal sense.

    Legal laws of consent are between humans. Not animals. Laws on consent do not deal with animals. There are animal laws about abuse however, but animals starting sex acts with humans would be difficult to be described as humans abusing the animal. Plus, animal owners are allowed to breed their animals with other animals, or slaughter their animals for food … but inter species sex is more harmful? Huh?

    Plus the rest of her post is pure false fantasy also. A male dog humping a leg is not marking his scent, he’s trying to start sex. And inserting his penis in human female is not marking his territory or leaving his scent. He’s having sexual intercourse.

    Plus, she’s totally inconsistent in dogs (or any animals) behavior. She suggests animals have a capacity of psychological states like Stockholm syndrome and PTSD. But they are not able to give psychological (i’m not talking legal terms here, but psychological ones) consent.

    But I’ve got good news for Melody. Both the legal and medical systems are pliable and subject to change. The APA use to classify gay sex as abnormal. Now they say it’s normal. There use to be laws that said gay sex as against the law. Now there are laws that says it’s legal.

    If there are legal or medical barriers based on bigotry stopping inter species sex, they can be changed too.

  87. Regarding Lamont’s post…..

    Haters like him said they same thing about gay sex and Mathew Shepard.

  88. When people start judging like the bible says not like what religions say creating human law laws concerning what species has sex with which species will not be an issue at all. Godly judging involves loving and forgiving. Both will be found in God’s kingdom.This is godly judging. King James Bible Luke 7:43: 40And Jesus answering said unto him, Simon, I have somewhat to say unto thee. And he saith, Master, say on. 41There was a certain creditor which had two debtors: the one owed five hundred pence, and the other fifty. 42And when they had nothing to pay, he frankly forgave them both. Tell me therefore, which of them will love him most? 43Simon answered and said, I suppose that he, to whom he forgave most. And he said unto him, Thou hast rightly judged.
    How is man’s legal system run? Not that way, I can assure you.
    Had people know that Jesus was God with blood in him for a time people would not have done what they did to him. People unknowingly repeating the processes to others over and over calling it good.

  89. Seeing some of the open minded replies here gives me hope for humanity. Perhaps there will be a day some time in the future where laws are no longer nescessary… where honesty, love, compassion and empathy are staple qualities of human interaction. Perhaps humans will even come to understand that they are not seperate from the rest of life’s expressions, and will extend their love and empathy to include all of creation. In a world such as this, there will be no place for those who condemn, judge, or wish punishment on those who’s expressions of love and life extend beyond what they are able to empathise with.
    Beware of hate – it is a poison that corrupts the soul far more readily than the subject you believe justifies your hatered.

    Contemplate the meaning of unconditional love.
    It has no boundaries.
    It has no restrictions.
    It most certainly isn’t exclusive.

    For those of you who are religious… consider that sin is the attempt to deny, falsify or bring fear/hatered to all that exists within unconditional love/God.
    Judge not lest ye be judged. (Whatever judgements you have are automatically reflected upon you… essentially turning you into the horror that in your fear and loathing, you believe is outside of you).

    If an act or practice exists outside of what you understand or are comfortable with.
    Exercise love, compassion, and tolerance.
    Without these qualities, understanding will always be beyond you.

  90. Brainless people make having sex with another species a crime. The brainless people have nothing better to to than make someone seem to be less than they are. It gives them a false sense of being better.

  91. 1. They have some kind of Stockholm Syndrome, they are either rubbing their scent to show dominance (or what it is called, I am not native), or doing it because if they obey their owners, they know they get food and water, therefor life..
    2. I have heard ya can get worms, if doing anal, and other stuff too, can not exactly remember the others..
    3. Ya probably be losing the ability to have kids..
    4. Ya can not have kids with animals, and if ye even could then ye would probably have an retarded one, in one way or another..
    5. Animals only have sex for one purpose, to bring life, I am even on the edge to think humanity should do the same, we would not be so overpopulated yadda-yadda.. then..
    6. Can not remember now, I am tired..

  92. ” If we are going to lock someone up for a decade, we ought to at least be able to coherently and persuasively explain why it is legitimate to do so. ”

    There is no legitmate reason. It’s really just a cover for the ik factor, like what they did/do with homosexuality.

    People will always pretend to have a rationale basis for crimnzling what they personally don’t like.

    There is no logical reason to be against it, or at least make it illegal.

    The consent thing is just an asspull. If that were the case so many other things would be illegal.

  93. Well put. Wise rational words.The people against the zoo are divided against themselves. On top of that the Lord of glory is not behind the concept of jails. Pleasant heavenly words come from the zoo. Words heard from the people against them are not. Reading their words is like looking into the devils prison when the door to it is open and then slammed shut because the words heard are to horrible to hear.

  94. […] Why is it a Crime to Have Sex with an Animal?.It is wr9ng to not be like the gentle loving Lord God Jesus Christ. Those that are not will become ashes. The doctrine the commandments of men will not save a person from that end when God purifies the universe. It is not the sex. It is the spirit in the person having whatever sex. People don’t visually see the spirit discounting it ignoring it. That spirit determines eternal life or eternal soul death. It is up to each individual to have the spirit of Jesus in them judging how they are.  Jesus constantly monitored how he was. That is why he did not condemn others. Best to have Jesus ruling over you serving the Lord of glory. Others are fussing over what others do. They are the people who will say: Lord ,Lord, as Jesus is walking away from them, didn’t we do good works condemning people in your name? Jesus will say. You did not work out your own salvation. You gave fear and trembling. I do not know you. […]

  95. […] Why is it a Crime to Have Sex with an Animal?. […]

  96. Okay so I have been reading the posts above and I have to say that the God Complex is a serious problem… Using “God” as any rational means for a debate is just asinine and makes you look like a fool.

    I personally would have sex with a dog, I would take a dog as my mate and I would love that dog unconditionally alternatively I would probably still take a mate in the human species (but only if that woman would be willing to be mated with my dog too), There really is no way to rationalize making zoosexual relations illegal, Homosexuality is Legal now and whats more is the White House even supported that. Now I am not saying that the white house has to support zoophilia openly like it did with Homosexuality(though it would be nice) simply allowing people to sexually interact with their mate with out it being criminal would be nice.

  97. Agreed. Your words are reasonable. Your words are not violent like the words that are against the zoosexuals. That is a good thing.

  98. I speak of what i think, feel and believe you can go ahead and laugh at me all you want you can mock me all you want and you can insult me want but you wont break me so here goes nothing i guess. I am both LUCIFER and JEHOVAH those are who i really am my divine mother gave birth to me she fell in love with me and she lost her virginity to me i also gave her my virginity all my divine aunts fell in love with me too each of them gave me their virginity my divine grandmother have incredibly strong feelings of love for me but i havent accepted her love yet i believe she was willing to save her virginity just for me if she is still willing to save her virginity just for me if she is still a virgin even right now then i would feel overjoyed felt like maybe accepting her love at last once im back in heaven that is and i think i have a divine big sister who developed very strong feelings of love she was and maybe is still stubborn and persistant she at least in the past refused to give up on me but maybe she finally gave up or what would you have said if i could have ripped out a part of myself of my very being and the part of myself into my divine big sisters womb and could made it so she be conceived with a healthy boy and then she months later gave birth to her very first son then i told her that her very first son is a part of me and i told her she can fall in love with her very first son she dosent have to hesitate i will support her even if she and her very first son have many healthy children i still will not resent her and i would actually feel happy for her. As for myself i was born before the universe was created i do not have a father im the very first man to ever exist before i existed there was only women before i existed the women didnt know anything about love and sex after the universe was created i conceived many healthy children specially with my divine mother she and i also conceived both JESUS CHRIST and TAMMI of Nazareth i also conceived many healthy children with all my divine aunts i speak of what i think i know it that at least the most of what im saying is true no matter what illuminati will indirectly tell you but if you brainwashed mortals wants to live in denial then so be it. What would you say if i had like 67 wives or only 14 wives if 12 of my divine wives were my divine aunts one of my divine wives was my divine grandmother and one of my divine wives was my divine mother. What would you have said if i conceived many healthy children if i like had 104 healthy sons and daughters with my divine mother, had 73 healthy sons and daughters with my divine grandmother, had 52 sons and daughters with my divine mothers twin sister (one of my divine aunts) and had 71 sons and daughters with all my other divine aunts and if i had 53 wives too if i then had 253 sons and daughters with them all if this were all true would you find it astounding or not ?? you can say whatever you want after all i gave you free will i may be GOD i may not be GOD its up to you and your point of perception but if you want to deny it then do it but you maybe will not get a chance to talk to me ever you can call me a crule bloodthirsty tyrannt if you want i admit i was vengeful my divine mother might been the only reason i didnt kill everyone in all of existence i say you should be grateful you arent casted to hell instanteneously i felt tempted specially because you said incest is wrong those who say incest is wrong do not deserve to exist in heaven thats what i feel you can call me a heartless bastard all you want i wont change my mind about many things. What would you say if i actually have like 10 divine big sister not just 1 and if some of my divine big sister tried to replace me by lots of sex if like 2 or 4 of my divine big sisters had sex with animals almost all day long every day of their lives while for example 2 of my other divine big sisters tried to have groupsex with men to fill void they feel and all my other divine big sister chosed to never have sex chosed to be little lonely what would you then say and if i also surprisingly had many divine cousins who were all women if my divine cousins developed feelings of love for littlke old me but i tried to persuade them to move on from me if some of them did if like 3 of my divine cousins had sex with animals on daily basis while many of my divine other divine cousins refused to have sex with anyone and anything olther than me and there became abstinent if many of my divine cousins became lonely and sometimes seemed miserable i said what i wanted i just wnated to make you think and i think you lost your imagination to tv and alcohol but you can deny it all you want. If i did have like more than 1 big sister for real and if few of my divine big sisters each had sex with animals all the time on daily basis would you think beastiality is okay then because my sisters did it ? but what would you then say if i made my divine big sisters then live in Purgatory and gave Purgatory to them to rule over together if i also declared that all living beings who have sex with animals without remorse who arent married shall go to purgatory and all beastiality commiters who are married shall then go to hell no beastiality commiters shall go to heaven even if you want to call me a cruel bloodthirsty tyrannt im not afraid of what you say. Thats all i had to say farewell you foolish, blind, naive and misguided mortals.

  99. Lucifer speaks though you. Wicked are burned up in God’s glory to be ashes under the feet of the righteous. Lies are set against the people I call zoos.

  100. Supposing humans can correctly interpret an animal’s consent for sex, how can a person determine that the animal knows exactly what they are getting into? What if the animal simply says “yes” because it thinks it’s getting treats or something, but suddenly ends up in a situation it didn’t want?
    Even if animals can get involved in a consenting, pleasurable sexual relationship with a human, it’s not like an animal victim can contact the authorities and get help if it feels threatened or abused.

  101. It’s really really simple: An animal cannot say ‘I want to f*ck you’ or use ASL to communicate it either. Go find some humans to make love to, please.

  102. Consider the perspective of the animal.

    First of all, all of these “definitions” put forward by those who believe zoophilia to be wrong are just that, opinions. They are neither fact nor logical.

    Second, the existence of dogs is cruelty to animals in the most absolute sense. Anyone who owns a dog is far more “cruel” under even their own definitions that someone who has consenting sex with a dog. Why? Because those who believe in restricting interactions between humans and dogs are even more immoral because they fail to recognize that dogs are slaves to humans in the first place. The existence of dogs is cruelty because we humans, long ago, enslaved wolves.

    We have turned wolves into lawn ornaments, into slaves, into trophies. This is cruelty in its greatest form. Yet for these people, who support the enslavement of these animals, to then argue that having sex with them should be illegal, merely reflects the arrogance and selfish nature of the society in which they were born and raised and “educated.”

    Humankind are a conquered people. We have been conquered by our own kind, by our own minds even. Religion is not an institution of control and neither is government; both are manifestations, neccessities of a race of selfish, arrogant peoples who believe themselves the great arbiters of all definitions.

    Consent? Who the fuck are you to define what an animal can and cannot choose between. In reality, NO domestic animal has ANY choice. They are pets. But a human who as a loving and sexual relatonship with an animal cares deeply for that animal, and provides it with something these self-appointed authorities do not: a choice.

    Zoophiles are far better caretakers of their “pets” because they do not treat them as mere pets, but as equals. The reason people use the term “zoophilia” over “bestiality” is because “zoophilia” means Love of Animals.

    I would also like to note that the use of the term ‘bestiality’ by those who seek to imprison people for having sex with animals, use the term because it is how they see themselves in a situation wherein they are having sex with animals. These people are incapable of imagining a loving, caring relationship with an animal, and I would argue that this also extends to human beings.

    Indeed, history demonstrates that the greatest, most outspoken people who decry we should imprison people who have loving relationships with animals, have been shown to be callous, uncaring, often psychopathic examples of “human beings.” And on a personal note, I’ve met many who were quite vocal in their disdain for animal-human love; and their lives were nothing but misery, an explanation for their actions as they have a deep seated need to spread that misery to others, to share their perspective.

    No human has a right to inflict his perspective on another. The hypocrisy of legislating perspective should be obvious to everyone. That is is not is simply another symptom of why this world is so fucked up.

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  104. I see this as a public safety issue. A male animal who is allowed to ‘mate’ with a female is also DOMINATING her. It will naturally seek to similarly dominate other females as well. Dogs do not recognize rape or other use of force, up to and including death, as unnatural. Obviously they lack the ability to understand criminal law and responsibilities as does the OP, apparently. Innocent lives have infamously been lost (and doubtless many others listed as random attacks) because owners have selfishly crossed the line with potentially dangerous animals.

    Get a sex toy; hell, get a bowl of them and safely and responsibly have done with it! Let Fido watch if that’s the way you’re wired.

  105. I’m not zoosexual or even understand it. I don’t really know if it should be legal. But I know that animals, males like orangutans can’t tell a human apart from a fence post and will have sex with both, been willingly.

    Orangutans also rape female orgagutans, and other ape species do the same. So one may consider if the female can communicate sure doesn’t consent, something to consider & be careful of given her circumstance in nature.

    Also male, adult orangutans can & will easily dominate and rape human females. The organisms go after females(of their own species & humans) when they sense female hormones. When females are on their period, they have to stay away from males, who have bad temperments, in zoos. That have been cases where an orangutan raped females. Perhaps this zoophelia is acceptable if the human female is willing b/c the male orangutan certainly is.

  106. Why is it a crime? I will tell you why. The human who does not know God’s word not seeking God’s kingdom and his kind righteousness will yearn to make laws that are used against a person. That is why.

  107. […] Source: Why is it a Crime to Have Sex with an Animal? […]

  108. I had sex with 3 young heifers as soon as they had their first heat, after that they approached me for sex every time they came into heat, I always helped them with their irritation.

  109. No harm was done with what that person did. The heifers without words said they wanted sex again. People against the zoo need to be silent.

  110. People think sex with another species is a crime because they can say the word. People who say crime don’t know God’s law that says love. Loving words will not come out of a mouth when the mind thinks crime rather than love.

  111. Simply because STD’s originate from there and kill millions of children even more would be handicapped or diseased otherwise for life.. they also can’t consent.. and 500.000 animals die annually in Germany alone from abuse.. rather have paedophilia.. there’s consent and no transmitable diseases..


  113. im a female and i totally agree with this. as my dogs hump me all the time or try to lick me. yet i have to make them stop because its illegal. Even tho my dog is the one trying to have sex with me. i can understand maybe it being different for female dogs as im sure they wouldnt like a man trying to have sex with them it would probly hurt. But s for a male dog they would do the same thing to me s guman man would. (put his penis inside me) now that i have aaid that it occurs to me that it is becuae of that reason it is illegal. you cant saybits okay for human females to get fucked by animals. But say its illegal for human men to fuck female dogs. men would very upset about this. and thats why i believe its illegl.

  114. There will be evil people and people who are not evil. Arresting based on a name or what they do puts both into the same pot. God will condemn people who do that. Let the zoo be free.

  115. Satan likes illegal. Illegal strikes terror into the hearts of people. Satan strikes terror into the heats of people when seen not saying fear not or don’t be afraid. Satan gains great pleasure striking fear into the hearts of people through people in the legal system. Satan says: Man wants the law of fear not the law of love. People are proving that they cannot keep Gods loving laws being to grievous to keep. God knows the heart of each individual. Demonization makes people to strike out at people indiscriminately. Kind loving people get treated badly. The lady statue, holding the scales, is truly, blind. We have one judgment. Fear it. They that condemn will fear it.

  116. Im sorry anyone that even thinks about a child in those way is disgusting same goes gor animals its so sad

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