European Parliament Bans Trade in Seal Products

The European Parliament has banned all trade in seal pelts and seal products.  The move was strongly criticized by Canada and particularly by the Canadian Sealers Association, which insists that the Canadian method of clubbing young seals to death on the ice is humane.  The Association also notes that seals eat a lot of cod and that the cod fishery is in danger.  Oddly, neither of these arguments carried the day.

Read more here and here.

–David Cassuto

One Response

  1. I’m extremely happy to hear this news, and I hope the seal hunt actually does die out so that I don’t have to be embarrassed by my home land anymore. I can’t believe its 2009 and this is still an issue. But like I said in my comment on Seth’s ‘Fur is Green’ post, this move by the EU won’t change the mentality of Canada, which is really the problem.

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