Great News for Farmed Animals from Both Sides of the Atlantic

On the US side, Maine has become the sixth U.S. state to ban extreme confinement of certain factory-farmed animals! It joins Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon and California in what has become a massive and sustained push by people across the country to better the living conditions of animals in factory farms. See the news here:


On the European side, the Belgian city of Ghent has become possibly the first city in the world to have an official vegetarian day of the week! A national organization called the Ethical Vegetarian Association (EVA) is largely responsible for the campaign, citing a desire to lessen the number of animals killed for food, improve human health, and reduce Belgians’ carbon footprints (because, they claim, this change is equivalent to removing half a million cars from the road per year).


-Suzanne McMillan

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