The United States Doesn’t Torture? Animal Testing in the Military

Charles J. Rosciam is a retired captain with the Navy Medical Services Corps – a combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient.  He and 16 other retired armed forces medical personnel are attempting to convince the Department of Defense (DOD) to stop torturing and killing animals as part of its trauma training program.  Each year, in the name of national security and good medicine, 8500 animals get stabbed, shot, burned and amputated.  Over in the chemical casualty program, vervet monkeys get tormented with drugs whose effects have long since been banned on the field of battleanimal-testingCaptain Rosciam and his colleagues would like to see all that come to an end.

In June, the group joined with the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) to brief both the House and Senate on the issue.  The DOD’s own animal regulations require that non-animal substitutes be used whenever possible.  And, according to PCRM, every one of the military’s medical uses of animals could be replaced with equivalent or superior non-animal methods. Those methods range from human-patient simulators to rotations through civilian trauma centers.

Here’s a little bit of irony: Amidst all the controversy and perseveration over detainee torture and whether such grotesqueries are legal and/or acceptable given the heinous crimes the prisoners are alleged to have committed, no one has stopped to consider why it is okay to do all that and worse to beings whose innocence is beyond dispute.  Of course, in the larger scheme, innocence or guilt is irrelevant; Torture is wrong no matter to whom it happens.  And that’s precisely the point here.

When our former president said the United States does not torture, he lied.  When our current president says it, he‘d like it to be true.

Let’s hope he hears and heeds Captain Rosciam.

You go, sir.  Fight on.

–David Cassuto

33 Responses

  1. In their way – they make every thing done to animals “humane” or “necessary”. That’s a given.

    And here in California nothing was done wrong either:
    Pigs are wounded and then killed. Animal services says “no cruelty”.

    Must be grand to re-write the dictionary, and all ethical matters to suit your whim. It’s just sickening.

  2. Very true. When one controls what the words mean, one controls meaning. Lewis Carroll cheerfully acknowledged telling the words what they meant every Saturday night. Not so much here, where meanings morph to fit an agenda that has nothing whatever to do with literature (or reality).

  3. this is disgusting. i can not believe that there are people in this country that live with killing hundreds of animals in this world just so some supermodel can wear some makeup.

  4. that sick man ugly

  5. how that happened man

  6. i find it extremely sad that this stuff goes on.
    its a disgrace!!!

  7. oh my gosh!!
    what happened to this dog?!?
    i wonder how exactly they would feel if someone did o them what they did to that poor dog and all those other animals!?! ):

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the most cruelest thing ive seen so far………………

  9. We have cloned human skin.
    So what can we still learn from burning Pets.?
    It’s not human.Stop this cruelty.
    Animals have feelings too.

  10. i have seen pictures of rabbits eyes corroded off from bleach or drain cleaner, monkies tied up and starving. but never have i seen such crueltty to an animal before. just think this could be your dog from your back yard.

  11. this is all bad you should have it done to you it should of bin band bi now

  12. this is disqusting get this off here this should be reported itsx terrible time for us to dom it tou u sick people

  13. this iz veryzzz bad you shpould die for dis stop it tink of all the poor animals you are douingz dizz 2 stop or 1 daii da government will report you and den you wikll be taken away and hade it been done 2 you

  14. i am 9999999999% againts any form of animal cruilty. no animals can intentionally hurt you. maybe bite, but never really hurt you. and they will never leave your side. and that is the most heartless thing you could do is intentionally harm another being, let alone an innocent animal.

  15. Guys you dont look at it others point of veiw what if your 3 year old daughter was dying and there is a cure but they need to test it on some animals first to see the reaction what would you do think before you question how the companys do things there needs to be another way but how and most of those animals are born in cages and have never see the lght out side of the buildings.

  16. This is so horible!! Why would you do somthing like that to poor innocent dog… It’s just sick!!!

  17. this has got to STOP and STOP NOW! there is no reason that this sort of cruelty can be excused- oh how I wish God would do something to those who practise and thrive on such evil acts of insane maddness of enjoying the suffering they lavish on innocent lives.

  18. What did this poor dog to to deserve this? Was it a stray? This is real humane isnt it, yes, lets just let these poor defenceless animals be tested on, and have vivisection done. I cannot believe there are people who would probably be so heartless and lift this dog out of its cage looking like this and think “Its just another day on the job!” All these poor animals ever did was survive. Well, until we came along right? Scientists make me physically sick to my stomach, and looking at pictures such as this, actually make me feel so sick. Sick because I cant IMAGINE ever EVER being able to see this poor thing and just go ahead and do it the next day. I couldnt. When Im out of school, Im going to fight with everything Ive got to have this stopped. This is sick and cruel.

  19. Oh, and by the way ryan, yes, you can think of it like that, but can you honestly look at this dog and think purely that there are people who NEED this? Look at that picture and tell me, does that dog look happy? He doesnt deserve that, and he wasnt even sick to begin with most likely. And illnesses are a way of life, weve interfered and screwed things up for ourselves in so many ways, and all the animals that just plainly lived. And there is a little thing called quality of life. Go on Youtube and look up ‘Animal Farm’, some people think that thats right to do to animals as well.

  20. this picturee is soo sad wheeen i saw it i cried!!

  21. that is horrible

  22. i want them to stop animal abuse!!!!!=(

  23. that is mest up

  24. Please people,stand out for these animals!Much can be done 😦 ! poor animals,fucked up humans.If i know theres animal cruelty in my country,i ll do what i can to stop it!

  25. that is sick and discusting im stoping animal testing starting now,i cant belive they do this to poor animals espeicially cats and dogs.

  26. people do this to animals just because they cant do anything to protect themself. i bet if a human is put through this tourture you will get sue. but i mean why doesnt matter right they are just living things any1 can have a baby and thats it. many people complain about animal cruelty others just dont care, well guess what this IS ANIMAL CRUELTY so why dont they have any consequences? just cause they hav a paper saying they are scientist and are allowed to do this? i dont think so and guess what people its going to stop and soon!!!!!!!!!!

  27. The world would be a much better place without humans……..

  28. i have seen recent film and clearly animals are not anaesthetised, burned, brain damaged, blinded, poisoned etc Yes. Anaesthetic…NO. Just as importantly it has no scientific value… “Given substances are not necessarily carcinogenic to all species. Studies show that 46% of chemicals found to be carcinogenic in rats were not carcinogenic in mice. [23] If species as closely related as mice to rats do not even contract cancer similarly, it’s not surprising that 19 out of 20 compounds that are safe for humans caused cancer in animals. [24]

    The US National Cancer Institute treated mice growing 48 different “human” cancers with a dozen different drugs proven successful in humans, and in 30 of the cases, the drugs were useless in mice. Almost two-thirds of the mouse models were wrong. Animal experimentation is not scientific because it is not predictive.

    The US National Cancer Institute also undertook a 25 year screening programme, testing 40,000 plant species on animals for anti-tumour activity. Out of the outrageously expensive research, many positive results surfaced in animal models, but not a single benefit emerged for humans. As a result, the NCI now uses human cancer cells for cytotoxic screening.[25]
    refs 23# DiCarlo DrugMet Rev,15; p409-131984.
    24# Mutagenesis1987;2:73-78.
    25# Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science, Volume II Animal Models Svendensen and Hau (Eds.) CRC Press 1994 p4.” curedisease . net

  29. this is horrible how would you like it if that was you i love animals and one day i will fucking kill the people who do this why dont you try new mascara on your self and not rabbits PLEASE STOP IT’S NOT NICE IY IS HORRID 😦

  30. thats so sad.i hope that owner gets tortured like that.

  31. this is straight up disgusting.
    this makes me want to move out of the country
    f this

  32. Why putting a picture not related to animal experimentation just to scare and trick people? you know what intellectual honesty is? animal stabbed burnt and amputated? to test what? knifes, lighters and chainsaw? you know nothing about animal research and say hi to every relative of you that has ever been sick, he is alive thanks to animal research.

  33. Bas, I wonder if you even read the post before typing your ignorant and woefully inaccurate little spew. If so, read it again. If not, try reading it now.

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