Leiter’s Poll on Veganism

Over at the “Law School Reports” blog, Professor Brian Leiter is conducting an interesting (unscientific) poll on “what is your attitude towards veganism?”.  Given that I’m a vegetarian, I voted for the option stating “Veganism is the morally most defensible dietary regimen, and I admire those who adopt it and wish I could do the same”.

I would like to believe that vegetarianism is the second best option. I must confess that I have not been able to stop eating dairy products.  So far, the results are as follows:

Veganism is the morally most defensible dietary regimen, which is why I am a vegan 2% (1)
Veganism is the morally most defensible dietary regimen, and I admire those who adopt it and wish I could do the same 25% (14)
Veganism is neither morally commendable nor morally wrong, but is a reasonable personal choice for some individuals to make 61% (34)
Veganism is morally indefensible, and vegans have made a serious error in adopting such a dietary regimen 4% (2)
Veganism is disgusting 9% (5)

For the record, I think that “the veganism is disgusting” alternative is, well, disgusting. Make your vote count!

Luis Chiesa

15 Responses

  1. Beign a vegetarian, I would also say that veganism is the morally most defensible dietary regimen.
    And, it is not only a “no harm” ethic, also a “rights” morality. Animals also have rights to life, quality life in their natural settings.


  2. As a vegan, I would say that veganism is the most morally defensible (and I would agree that vegetarianism is next). What perplexes me is seeing that 4 % of the respondents find vegansim to be morally indefensible (??!!). What is it that they don’t undertand about veganism – is it indefensible to care about others ?

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  4. Veganism is the morally most defensible dietary regimen, which is why I am a vegan!

  5. Veganism is the ultimate in ethical consumerism.

  6. Give up meat and meat products, feed the world, save the planet.

  7. I am a vegan and I dont think animals should be property ie I support the abolitionsit approach. I think there will come a time when the domestication of animals will be seen as equally morally repugnant as slavery.

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  10. Being vegetarian – remember – that every animal is unique just as every human being and every animal can be recognized as individual should you take the time to look.

  11. Someone who belives that we have no moral obligations to animals, or who thinks those obligations are exhausted by avoiding inflicting gratuitous pain on them, will think veganism, and perhaps vegetarianism involves a moral error. Some Catholic philosophers believe this, but there is a wholly secular argument to the same effect in a book by Peter Carruthers on animal rights (the title now escapes me).

  12. I don’t see any other way than to be vegan. It is the only way to have compassion for animals, people, and the planet and to be fully in harmony with the universe.

    ❤ Sarie

  13. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  14. Veganism as an ethic not to abuse/use nonhuman animals is laudable, however for the vast population of mankind it will never be a choice they take up.

    That leaves NHAs at a massive disadvantage & it’s time for vegans and others to form organisations that go beyond the narrow confines of veganism. We need organisations that stand up for animal rights and that also seeks not to be as stringent & dare I say dogmatic with it’s definition so that it becomes available to more people. By way of an example is the issue of bone char (and there are certainly other issues).

    Avoiding sugar that was filtered through bone char can just seem to be another layer of minutiae that the general public most likely will never quite be comfortable with alongside a number of other ‘things’ & it can make veganism seem unattainable & out of reach in general which extrapolates into NHAs suffering for even longer.

    I’m not advocating for veganism to redifine itself, what I’m saying is we need a different organised movement, similar to but veganism but one that has a different, more expanded baseline.

  15. sorry what I meant to say at the end was ‘similar to veganism but one that has a different, more expanded baseline.

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