Animal Law — Sometimes It’s Personal

I recently received an email from a colleague telling me about this blog:  The blog focuses on the plight of a woman whose dog was killed by the police during a traffic stop.  I know nothing about this case or the people involved but the woman’s horror and grief at the loss of her companion speak for themselves.   This is animal law on a deeply personal level.  Sometimes, amid all the global and national horrors, we forget that a lot of animal law is about individual animals and people who suffer egregious wrongs at the hands of an indifferent society.  It would behoove us to try to remember always that this is so.

–David Cassuto


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  1. Thank you for this comment on the tragedy that has changed my life forever. I was driving a rented car. The car itself came up as “stolen.” Regardless of the cops having all the car rental info in their hands, and my dearest companion’s service vest and information in their hands as well, they chose to act grossly. I am deeply pained and fight every day to live in honor of Dunkin’ dog and the love we shared.

    It’s very tough… I do what I can. Soon I will have a petition site and donation site. I will be incurring legal fees already an any donation is greatly appreciated. If you know anyone who wants to donate an apple computer to me, let me know. It’s hard not having a computer and only being able to use it sporadically. Thank you again.

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