Catalonia’s Last Bullfight?

David Cassuto


Photo: Carlos Cazalis for The New York Times

Catalonia —  Spain’s ferociously independent northeastern region may have seen its last bullfight.

According to the NYT:

Over the last three decades or so, dwindling interest among young Catalans has combined with pressure from animal-rights advocates and from Catalan nationalists to cripple toreo in Catalonia. Across the region’s four provinces, bullrings have closed; Barcelona’s is the only one still active.

There is currently a referendum before the Catalan Parliament to abolish the practice.   What’s more, there is dwindling interest in bullfighting all over Spain, even as many resist outside pressure (from the EU and others) to ban the practice.  Read the full story here.

This referendum and accompanying dwindling public support for bullfighting represents real progress.  While some may offer Hemingway-esque lamentations for the death of a longstanding cultural tradition, I say: Let this be the first of many steps away from bloodsport practiced in the name of cultural patrimony.

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