New Book Alert

Temple University Press has published a new book by Leslie Irvine (Sociology, U. Colorado at Boulder), Filling the Ark: Animal Welfare in Disasters.  Here is the publisher’s description:

When disasters strike, people are not the only victims. Hurricane Katrina raised public attention about how disasters affect dogs, cats, and other animals considered members of the human family. In this short but powerful book, noted sociologist Leslie Irvine goes beyond Katrina to examine how disasters like oil spills, fires, and other calamities affect various animal populations—on factory farms, in research facilities, and in the wild.

Filling the Ark argues that humans cause most of the risks faced by animals and urges for better decisions about the treatment of animals in disasters. Furthermore, it makes a broad appeal for the ethical necessity of better planning to keep animals out of jeopardy. Irvine not only offers policy recommendations and practical advice for evacuating animals, she also makes a strong case for rethinking our use of animals, suggesting ways to create more secure conditions.

The book’s Introduction is available here. Google Books has some excerpts here.

Bridget Crawford

One Response

  1. I can’t wait to pick up this book. As a member of the New Orleans community during Katrina who did adopt a “Katrina” dog this seems like a wonderful and enlightening topic for a book. Disasters don’t only effect humans, and I am glad that someone is addressing and educating the public in this area.

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