Forthcoming Film: The Tiger Next Door

From the email — what looks to be a very interesting film:

the-tiger-next-door_3-photo-by-john-roca-daily-news-300x196THE TIGER NEXT DOOR tells the story of a man named Dennis Hill who has been breeding and selling tigers from his backyard for over 15years. He has recently lost his federal license to keep the animals and is in a battle w the state to keep 24 tigers, 3 bears, 6 leopards and a cougar. As Hill’s small town story unfolds  As Hill’s small town drama unfolds, a litany of news stories of tiger situations gone bad around the country suggest an animal welfare problem of much larger scope.

The film is a classic character driven documentary but it touches on so many issues — human animal relations “what do we want our relationship w the wild to be when the wild no longer exists,”  animal hoarding, wild animal keeping, backyard breeding of wild animals,  USDA regulation and lack thereof,  local vs federal laws, private individuals vs state officials, exotic animal trade, extinction vs “domestication,” etc.– that I am hoping it could be of use in academic settings dealing w animal law, ethics, psychology, sociology, biology/environment etc.  The film only gains in relevance w cases such as the woman who was killed by her own pet bear last week and the woman who’s face was ripped off by her friends 20lb chimp last February.

You can watch a trailler for the film at

UPDATE: The film will be shown at:

The Margaret Mead Film Festival in New York City on Friday November 13th @8pm at the Museum of Natural History.

Advance tix are recommended.  Go here for details.

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