Ohio Humane Societies Come Out Against Issue 2

David Cassuto

This just in: Ohio’s largest Humane Societies have come out against Issue 2.  You can (and should) read the full skinny at Cleveland.com but here are some choice excerpts:

As Nov. 3 approaches and the debate over Issue 2 escalates, Ohio’s two largest humane societies and smaller ones, including Geauga Humane in rural Geauga County, today announced their opposition to the proposed constitutional amendment.

They join the state farmers’ union, organic food proponents and environmental groups opposing the plan to create a livestock board that would determine how billions of cows, chickens, pigs, sheep and goats are treated here.

The Cleveland Animal Protective League, Geauga Humane and Capital Area Humane serving Greater Columbus say Issue 2 would not be good for farm animals, as the 13-member appointed board would include just one humane officer.

“County humane societies had no voice in this proposal and no representation during discussions about the role and composition of the proposed board,” said Cleveland APL Director Sharon Harvey.

Issue 2 was drafted immediately after the Humane Society of the United States (buoyed by successful campaigns in California, Florida, Maine, Colorado, Oregon and Arizona) met once with agribusiness leaders here and proposed phasing out the use of crates and cages that don’t allow veal calves, pigs and chickens to move naturally.

HSUS’s phase-out proposal was accepted Oct. 1 in Michigan, where agricultural groups and legislators said they negotiated with HSUS to avoid multimillion-dollar ballot campaigns. The Michigan law ends the use of veal crates in three years and battery cages and gestation stalls by 2019.

“No one likes change and no likes to spend money to make those changes,” Jim Byrum, president of the Michigan Agri-Business Association, said in a news release, but “the fact of the matter is that agriculture recognizes we must be more responsive to consumer demand and perceptions.”

So, for those who continue to insist that those who oppose Issue 2 are  “radical animal activists” rather than simply people who want farm animals to have space to move and live, this ought to provide (ahem) food for thought.

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  2. I sit here wondering what in the world all the vegans are going to eat after they make all meat consumption illegal. The ar people boldly say “we will eat the grain the animals eat”> Are you aware the animals eat Monsanto grain? Are you aware that Monsanto has 300 million acres of the “animal feed” planted. Are you aware that the Monsanto “feed” is unfit for human consumption? Are you aware that 300 million people are being fed in the United States? Are you aware that the farm land is being sold off for developement? Are you the people who are going to eat PETA’s artificial meat made from human stem cells?

  3. Well, I guess that’s all something to wonder about. Me, I wonder about whether modern agricultural practices cause needless animal suffering. I also wonder what to do about the enormous amount of greenhouse gases that factory farms emit and the terrible pollution problems they cause. And I worry about whether Issue 2 will enable more of the same. But I guess that’s just me.

  4. A animal spends it’s entire life eating and sleeping. A pig, a horse, a cow has a amazing joint in its leg that locks allowing it to stand all of it’s life if needed. The gases a animal emits has the same gases as human waste.. Therefore if treated both human and animal waste is harmless. Farmers are treating animal waste. They collect it, process it, bag it and sell it. It’s called compost.

  5. You read it here first. All that stuff about animals liking to move and lie down is nonsense and all that waste filled with antibiotics and methane that we thought was getting sprayed on to fields and polluting the water table — that’s all hooey. Thanks for the heads up.

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