Does Your Pet Need an iPhone?

Bridget Crawford

Pet Acoustics” makes an iPhone app so that “you and your pet can experience the power of Pet Acoustics’ music for your dog, cat or horse from your iPhone, iPod Touch or other music player.” Here’s the official description from the company’s website:

Just as music for humans can change the mood and feel of an environment, this is true for animals as well. Pet Acoustics music has been specifically designed for the hearing sensitivities of your pet, both in frequency, volume and rhythm to calm and soothe your pet anytime, anywhere.

Amazingly, dogs, cats and horses hear two to three times more than humans. In our homes, barns and pet-care environments, animals can develop stress, anxiety, and aggression in reaction to sounds. Pet Acoustics music has been specifically developed to support your pet’s sensitive hearing thereby ensuring relaxation. An easy tool for pet owners, this music will greatly benefit your pet by filling their environment with a sense of safety, connectedness and love.

Play your choice of music with repeatable results for rest time, separation anxiety, thunderstorm nervousness, car travel, veterinary visits, barn time, trail rides, walking with your dog, grooming, puppy and kitten training or for quiet time.

Pet Acoustics music is designed for you and your pet together! Play My Dog and Me, My Cat and Me, My Horse and Me, whenever you and your pet want to enjoy quality time and relax!

I am quite willing to accept that animals are sensitive to music, but I’m still laughing at this. I’m sure the creators are, too…all the way to the bank!

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  3. What absolute nonsense. An iPhone for a pet! My cats do very well with a basic Nokia with relatively large keys.

    As to music, I often spread a dozen classical CDs on my bed (from a collection of thousands) and let the cats choose. Interestingly they almost always pick music by famous composers whom they have learned about on TV. Mahler, my most beloved composer, is almost always passed over.

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  5. This is just plain stupid actually, nothing more, nothing less. (Claps hands for the village idiot)

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