Disgusting Animal Abuse Case in Lithuania Leads to the Potential for Stricter Punishments for Animal Abuse

Irina Knopp

Recently, the shocking video of a dog being thrown from a bridge has circulated the internet.  Svajunas Beniuk from Kaunas, Lithuania was the culprit.  Svajunas, who was joined by at least two other people who filmed the event, took a neighbor’s dog and threw it from a bridge.  The dog had allegedly killed some of his mother’s chickens in their home village. In an ironic showing of compassion, Svajunas waited until the traffic cleared before he threw the dog.

The dog, named Pipiras (Lithanian for Pepper), spent several days unable to move.  A man discovered him, took him to the police station, and the police sent Pepper for medical treatment. Earlier reports stated that Pepper avoided serious bone fractures but had multiple injuries to his internal organs from the 60+ foot fall. The local citizens, in a beautiful outpouring of compassion, offered assistance and wanted to take care of Pepper after he would recover. Sadly, the latest reports on the local Russian radio station in New York indicate that Pepper has passed. 

Svajunas was sentenced to 8 months in jail for the crime.  Many people, including myself, believe he should have received a harsher sentence. However, the Lithuanian statute provides a one year maximum jail sentence. This was one of the rare times a sentence so high has been issued for an animal abuse case. The incident has infuriated residents and caused D.Mikutienė, member of Lithuanian Parliament, to register amendments which will increase the penalty for cruelty to animals to imprisonment for up to four years.

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  2. It’s just too bad that the law wasn’t already in effect to be applied to this poor excuse for a human. There can always be hope that someone will get him drunk after he is released from prison, and under the pretense of wanting to see where the crime was committed have him take them there. Then they can throw him from the bridge. He will have deserved it!!!

  3. Hope you get killed in jail motherfucker

  4. hes probably homophobic so i hope he gets ass raped in jail then when he gets out is stalked by his ass raper and when he tries to deny a second rendevous with his ass raper he gets killed, then ass raped again

  5. let the guy go. seriously. next day i kill a fly and i gonna be sentenced for life in prison

  6. Majestic: Seriously. Next day I kill your mother and I’m going to be sentenced to life in prison.

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