Animal Law on a Channel Near You

David Cassuto

My colleague, Ralph Stein (a founding member of Pace Law School and frequent commenter on this blog), devoted his most recent community access tv show to animal law.  Watch it here.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting the URL, David. I tried to make the show as balanced as possible. Interestingly I get little response from cable viewers but the bounce from online viewers ranges often from Israel to New Zealand. I suspect THIS topic will attract more interest than most because it is less frequently covered as opposed to my shows on Guantanamo, Search and Seizure and similar more mainstream matters.

    I’d love to hear from Blawg readers.

  2. This was a great video to watch as an exam study-break. I particularly enjoyed the discussion about Commonwealth v. Carr, a case I previously had not heard about and now plan to do further research on. Thanks for the post!

  3. Excellent and accessible! Well done, Ralph.

  4. Gillian,

    It’s Commonwealth v. Kerr (Virginia) and the case was decided decades ago.

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