Animal Control = Execution in Two Mississippi Counties

David Cassuto

What kind of a world do we live in where a person pledging to be the 41st vote against health care reform wins Ted Kennedy’s seat?  The same sort of world, apparently, where an animal control officer slaughters hundreds of animals and dumps their bodies in a creek.  Here’s some data:

A Mississippi animal control officer for both Canton and Madison Counties has been terminated from his position among allegations he slew hundreds of animals and dumped the bodies in a creek in Canton, according to reports.

Police would not disclose how many carcasses of dogs and cats were killed, but said that Alonzo Esco has been officially accused of poor treatment of animals, reports said. 

Esco has been an animal control officer for three years, according to reports.

Esco’s job was to take the animals to a private kennel where they would await adoption.  Instead, he allegedly shot them and dumped them.  He’s probably not too worried, though.  The most serious charges he could face (he has not yet been charged) are misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.
Everywhere I look lately,  indifference to life  seems to be an inescapable running theme.

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  1. We just brought in another rescue cat from the local shelter last workweek. I will never be able to figure how anyone could abandon or worse neglect a cat. A bunch of people suppose that cats can fend for themselves since they are predators. They are damn autonomous and powerful little critters, but once a cat has been domesticated it not only loses its power to live in the wild, but the individual who took the cat in has a responsibility to care for it. It really saddens me to acknowledge that anyone could abandon a cat. That is why I attempt to aid as best I can by taking in rescue cats.

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