Announcing “Our Hen House”

David Cassuto

Mariann Sullivan & Jasmin Singer

Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer are two of the jewels in the crown of the animal advocacy movement.  Both women have labored tirelessly on behalf of the voiceless for many years and in many ways.  Now they have a new way.  Their new project is called Our Hen House and is much more than blog.  It is, in their words, “a central clearinghouse for all kinds of ideas on how individuals can make change for animals.”  Below is some skinny from an email blast inviting people to the site.  It is a great thing they’re doing.  But don’t take my word for it.  Go and see.  And then stay and help.

Dear Friends,

You might be wondering why you got this email. If you’d like, please click “unsubscribe” below, and please pardon the intrusion. But if you’re interested in learning about Our Hen House — a new project that we’ve gleefully begun — then read on…

The two of us like to talk. Team that with the fact that we cannot stop noticing opportunities that are well-suited for animal advocates wishing to create real change, and you might as well bring your slippers and grab some tea, because we’re not going to shut up anytime soon.

So we decided to start Our Hen House, which aims to help those who are interested (ourselves included) find our way to change the world for animals.

Whatever are we talking about? Well…

Our Hen House is a central clearinghouse for all kinds of ideas on how individuals can make change for animals. With both a blog and a podcast, we will identify opportunities, report on successful activists and enterprises, and brainstorm ideas ranging from the brilliant (if we do say so ourselves) to the farfetched. The blog covers opportunities for change in 4 major (and sometimes overlapping) categories:

Class Act reports on ideas for advancing animal interests in higher education. It’s for students and faculty seeking to bring animal studies and animal activism to their campus.

Legal Eagles is, first and foremost, the place for lawsuits — it’s long past time someone was held liable! — but it will also identify promising ideas for activism regarding everything legal, from legislation to legal scholarship to law school events and beyond.

Money Squawks is for anyone who realizes that as animal exploiters go down the tubes, somebody is going to be making money… and hey, why not me? Along with brainstorming ideas for for-profit opportunities that can make positive change for animals, this section will highlight business ventures and products that are already changing the way the world works. Whether you want to do well by doing good part-time, as a career, or by building a vegan empire, start reading!

Oink, Moo, Woof is all about ways to get the word out — from the truth about the world of suffering we are all working to eradicate, all the way to the truth about the glorious pleasures of vegan living. Whatever it is you want to say, we will try to identify good opportunities, and also report on activists who are inspiring us with their achievements. Since this is a huge topic, we have split it up:

Grazing in the Grassroots looks at ideas and opportunities for creative activism that anyone can pursue in their community. Occasionally we will highlight grassroots campaigns from animal protection organizations that we think are especially exciting.

Media Mavens identifies opportunities and tools for both expanding and reaching beyond your community — with pen, camera, voice, computer…

Speaking of media mavens, on our podcast, we get to interview some of the grooviest, most insightful and inspiring activists and change-makers around. And, in addition to some idle chit-chat, and a bit of gossip, we review new hot products, companies, and media.
Tune in to get the vegan skinny on new movies, cupcakes, shoes….

Also be sure to visit our video page where we will post workshops, interviews, and how-tos. Thank you for joining us in Our Hen House, a place to find our way to change the world for animals.

Featured Podcast

In this, our first ever podcast episode, we do our general intros — yadda yadda yadda — including info on how each of us got started in the animal rights movement. Then, when we’re done self-obsessing, we recap steps taken for farm animals in 2009. Later, we interview longtime activist Stewart David (author of the much-needed article, “Greenwashed“) all about the “Locavore” movement. And finally, we review the newest mock meats on the market: Match Meat and Gardein. Listen (and subscribe!) on iTunes or listen directly on Our Hen House.

Upcoming Events

Margin of Certainty: From Veganism to Activism

with Jasmin Singer

If you saw a dog being kicked, you would probably do all you could to help her. But what if you didn’t actually see her being kicked, yet you knew for sure it was happening? Do you just shake your head and say “that’s too bad…”? As long as you’re not kicking the dog yourself, is it really up to you to do something about it?

Practicing non-violence is necessary to a harmonious way of life. But when is it is up to you to take “Ahimsa” one step further and take action against injustice?

Mariann Sullivan & Jasmin Singer
“The Hens”

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