How Not to Parent

Bridget Crawford

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports here about a mother who forced her son to bludgeon his pet hamster.  The 12 year-old’s offense?  Bad grades.  After the child told his teacher about the incident, the teacher reported it to the authorities.  The mother was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and child cruelty (as well as battery).

This makes my stomach turn.


2 Responses

  1. This is repulsive. I’m glad that this poor excuse for a mother was punished.

  2. There was a much worse case that I covered when I taught Criminal Law. A teenage girl was forced by her father to kill her dog after she had spent a night with a boyfriend. Immediately after killing the dog, the young woman killed herself.

    What is increasingly being recognized is the rage and anger directed at animals as a surrogate for punishing a person. The perversity is sickening but that prosecutions are now undertaken increasingly in such instances is both overdue and welcome.

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