Haggis is Legal

David Cassuto

Apparently, haggis was illegal.  It was banned in 1989 by health officials fearing mad cow disease (which is not really called mad cow nor is it confined to cows).  Haggis is a pudding made of (among other things) sheep offal and oatmeal.  It is a prized component of Scottish cuisine and a particular favorite at commemorations of the poet, Robert Burns, especially Burns Night, which happens to be tonight. 

Well, it is illegal no more.  The World Organization for Animal Health decided that sheep lungs no longer pose a threat of scrapie, a close variant of mad cow disease.  So, the USDA has decided to permit its importation.  Sheep lungs for everyone, I guess.

5 Responses

  1. Hello- well, the woah must have something mad in their mind and ethics if they can’t read what they are approving and making sense of it…unless the word ‘health’ has a new definition, which I am not familiar with….

  2. […] actually illegal in the US until this past January, due to that last ingredient. Read more about it here.) The whole mixture is combined, then put into a sheep’s stomach or intestines to simmer. While […]

  3. The shite you two talk…

  4. The vegetarian haggis is lovely. I’ve had both the “real” stuff (before realising what it realyl was) and later tried the vegetarian version. I WOULD PREFER THE VEGETARIAN ANY DAY. It is just as “Scottish,” too!

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