Exotic Animal Atrocities

Jonathan Vandina

Earlier this year an undercover investigator worked for a Texas wildlife importer. During the months of his employment he witnessed and documented some of the most horrifying and indiscriminate acts of wildlife animal cruelty in captivity that have ever been recorded.  The conditions these animals were kept in were unaccommodating, unsanitary and downright repulsive. This is not a new problem within the exotic animal trade.

Many of the animals were deprived of food, water and the veterinary care needed to merely survive. Additionally, the investigator is on tape requesting food (the feeder fish) as well as veterinary care from the owners of the establishment. The owners reply with “oh that’s right I forgot” or explain that they just can’t afford to do it or sometimes just laugh it off.  This behavior seems to continue for over a month.

The morbid acts and omissions the investigator documented may make even the least humane person second guess their future purchase of an exotic pet. Not only are these animals completely ripped from the wild, they are then held in buckets and containers for weeks without food or water or heat or air circulation with the hopes that a fraction survive for a profit.  An animal’s life should not be subjected to an industry focused on profiting through animal survival by the Law of Large Numbers.

The images and video contained in this link illustrate the macabre effects the wildlife pet trade has on millions of animals. Unfortunately, even they do not even begin to portray the dimensions of the problem and the multitude of companies involved in such ghastly practices.

Further reading on the subject:

The Lizard King by Bryan Christy,

Bills intended to curb these atrocities: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h111-669

2 Responses

  1. that is just cruel.
    I hope the bill pass and they get what they deserve.

  2. If the bill passes, how long is it going to be implemented for? More controls please, educating the offenders (compulsory…) and giving them alternative sources of income.

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