“Organic” Rules Revised

David Cassuto

Breaking news from the AP:

The Agriculture Department is sharpening the standards for organic milk and meat.

New rules announced Friday say organic milk and meat must come from livestock that graze in pastures at least four months of the year. The old rules required only that animals have access to pasture.

The new organic rules also say 30 percent of animals’ feed must come from grazing and that ranchers must have a plan to protect soil and water quality.

The Agriculture Department has taken years to set new standards. Ranchers, food companies and consumer groups have been anxious for more specific rules surrounding what can be sold as organic.

I’ll have more to say on this after I review the new rule itself.

3 Responses

  1. The old rules required only that animals have access to pasture.

    Oh that’s kind of funny… Reminds me of the double speak joke about the closed store whose waiting customer complains “Your sign says *OPEN 24 HOURS* ” and the employee responds – “Yeah, but not in a row!”

    It’s just twisted “logic”…

  2. I love that joke! And so apropos…

  3. Good! And if your funny-bone is in the mood – What about this one:

    The movie about Grandin? – According to The American Humane guidelines for Use of Animals in Filmed Media: “No Animals Were Harmed” in the making of the movie.

    Ha, Ha – Ya gotta love it – right?! 🙂

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