Volunteer Opportunity:Protecting Bison from Those Who Want Them Dead

David Cassuto

The bison herd in Yellowstone Park is protected from hunters.  Until the animals leave the park — which they are sometimes wont to do (bison have no pockets in which to carry a map).  As soon as the animals step over the park boundary they become prey for hunters abetted by the livestock industry who disguise their bloodlust behind disingenuous talk of brucellosis.

I just learned of an organization called the Buffalo Field Campaign, which works to protect the bison from those who think it the height of sport to shoot large, slow-moving herbivores.  And, if you have some time you wouldn’t mind spending in one of the world’s most spectacular places, the animals could use your help as well.  A little info on one of the coolest volunteer opportunities in the history of ever:

The Buffalo Field Campaign has seasonal openings for field volunteers. We have opportunities for every season, but are in great need of folks during the Winter when the buffalo migrate to lower elevation in search of forage, and especially the Spring months when the mothers venture to their traditional calving grounds outside the Park boundaries. Any buffalo within Montana’s borders is in danger of being shot on sight, hazed, or captured and shipped to the slaughterhouse.

All volunteers are provided room, board, and meals. We respect vegan and vegetarian diets. We are located in a warm log cabin by beautiful Hebgen Lake, just a few miles outside of West Yellowstone, Montana.

Please contact us before you make your plans to volunteer. (Directions to Camp- West Yellowstone) When you arrive, you will be greeted by our volunteer coordinator who will help get you settled in. There will be a orientation and training period to familiarize you with camp and allow us to assess your abilities and where your skills can be used the most effectively to help save the buffalo. There are many jobs to choose from… patrols, cabin projects, educational projects, we have a long list. Patrols are either done from cars or on skis or showshoes. If you do not know how to ski or snowshoe, do not fret, we will teach you.

Read more here.  Perhaps I’ll see you out there.

3 Responses

  1. […] you with vegan food. Now, if we could only get them to offer exclusively vegan food … (h/t Animal Blawg) (another h/t Animal Blawg for letting us know what “h/t” […]

  2. Prof. Cassuto, I’m am trying to be a lawyer and pay off my loans. Please stop posting things that make me seriously consider taking off for Montana next week.

  3. […] you with vegan food. Now, if we could only get them to offer exclusively vegan food … (h/t Animal Blawg) (another h/t Animal Blawg for letting us know what “h/t” […]

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