Injustice, Texas Style

Bridget Crawford 

 NPR reports here on the shooting of 51 buffaloes who wandered from one Texas ranch onto another.  NPR reporter Wade Goodwyn missed the irony in a statement by the owner of the ranch whence the buffaloes roamed: “Slaughtering animals, to me, and I think the state feels the same way — in fact I know the governor’s office does — is a terrible injustice,” according to the ranch owner Wayne Kirk.  But in NPR’s own words, Kirk’s ranch “is primarily a hunting property, and even when they’re on the right side of their fence, buffaloes are there to be killed.” 

 Ummmm…so slaughtering animals is okay as long as someone pays Mr. Kirk for the privilege of doing so?

2 Responses

  1. Humm – Apparently there’s a big push to increase the killing and eating of buffalo – Seems these guys are in big trouble on any side of any fence:

  2. 51 Buffalo shot and left to rot without even a “by-your-leave”. Yahoo! It’s all just part of the cattlemen’s culture – the so-called “Code of the West”. Read the full article and find out how cattlemen deal with errant cows. Whole ‘notha ballgame!

    Traditionally Native Americans prayed over slain Buffalo, honoring their sacrifice to the tribe. They used every part of the animal. They even ate their still-beating hearts to gain the Buffalo’s strength, wisdom, and courage. They believed if they failed to follow these traditions, the Buffalo would put a curse on them and their whole tribe.

    Don’t imagine their were any prayers from the cattleman or his ranch hands. They slaughtered these animals and left them to rot with no respect for their lives. They have no honor. May the Buffalo curse you and your “tribes”!

    It’s my understanding buffalo and pronghorned antelope are the only two cloven-hooved species indigenous to North America. Are either of these “wildlife” species protected? If so, where and under which government agency?

    “Beefalo” – cow/buffalo crossbreeds are in a whole different category, but they don’t look as impressive stuffed and hanging on a trophy-hunter’s wall.

    To those without respect and honor – whenever you suffer disaster or misfortune you might want to remember the curse of the Buffalo!

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