Vegetable Protein — The Untold Story

David Cassuto

Why is it so scary that plants have protein?  Even as more and more veggie recipes appear in food sections of newspapers, discussions of plants´protein-rich nature remain conspicuously absent.  This is true even when a nutrition-breakdown accompanies the recipe.  

Here, for example, is a fine-looking recipe for Barley & Broccoli Salad.  Perusing it, we learn that, ´Broccoli is packed with vitamins C, A, K and folate, as well as with fiber.  And broccoli is a very good source of potassium, B vitamins, calcium, zinc and vitamin E.´    Down at the end, we also learn that a serving of the salad contains 9 grams of protein.  We are not told, however, that 9 grams is a goodly amount or that broccoli is 45% protein.

Small wonder then that the most common question vegetarians and vegans encounter is ´Where do you get your protein?´  The answer is staring us all right in the plate.

2 Responses

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  2. It does seem as though there is an information vacuum regarding vegetable protein. I don’t know how many people ask me how I get my protein. Even my husband, a meat-eater who has lived with me for years, still believes you need meat and dairy for protein.

    When I discussed this with my mainstream doctor, she had no issues with my not eating eggs, fish or meat. She said that the main deficiency she saw in meat-eaters and vegetarians alike was a lack of Vitamin D due to lack of adequate sunlight (our species spends so much time indoors now.) But there is nothing that can’t be resolved with taking proper supplements.

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