World Week for Animals — Making the Case Against Vivisection

David Cassuto

We´re in the middle of World Week for Animals, during which people the world over speak out against vivisection.

People often point to the need for animal experimentation to alleviate human suffering.  Putting aside the basic objection to torturing one sentient creature for the benefit of another, the premise lacks foundation.  Animal models have always been the path of least resistance.  To justifiably claim such experiments are necessary requires evidence that those seeking to carry out the experiments have unsuccessfully attempted to learn what they seek through other means.  Assuming the absence of other means, necessity would also require, at minimum, a good faith attempt to create one.  To date, precious little resources have been expended to create alternatives to animal experiments and, when such options exist, they are often ignored.   

In addition, necessity requires that the experiment be, well, necessary.  Let´s consider some of the stuff people (and universities) get grants to explore through animal torture:

  • Female rats might enjoy vaginal stimulation (Dartmouth);
  • Baby chimpanzees need nurturing (Emory University/Yerkes National Primate Center);
  • Trapped rats freak out (San Diego State U., Colorado State U., U. of Arizona);
  • Lizards forced to fight get stressed and then decapitated (Harvard and Univ. of South Dakota);
  • Castrated monkeys are less dominant (NIH’s internal intramural labs in Bethesda, Maryland).

In all the cases noted above, the information likely could have been acquired through other means, was already known, or did not need knowing.  These are not isolated examples.

So before we even get to the tough (for some people) question of whether animal experimentation is ever necessary, it would seem shockingly easy to erect some barriers to experiments that most everyone can agree are not necessary.

Have a good World Week for Animals.

6 Responses

  1. Killing animals for any reason is a sin.

  2. I am against all vivsection, bile extraction and paw removal of bears in Vietnam, battery pigs in any country and any forced torture or suffering of anumals.

  3. i believe that no animal should be tested on the people that do this testing should be put through this and feel the pain they go through

  4. yeps….u r ri8t Hannon ({)
    God gift animal and human being…..
    No1 has the priority 2 tke lyf

  5. They should just let us use the worse human criminals, then we could get our data and the bleeding hearts could keep their rodents. Everybody wins.

  6. I think that if PEOPLE want to find cures then the tests should be done on them,the PEOPLE.”No pain,no gain”the saying goes,if the gain is a cure for PEOPLE,then I have a feeling it shouldn’t be the animals suffering

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