The Brown Pelican — Another Gulf Casualty

David Cassuto

Pesticides nearly wiped out the brown pelican during the 1960s.  With great care and lots of luck, the species recovered from the brink of extinction.  Now, thanks to BP and our national petroleum addiction, it’s back.

2 Responses

  1. How can Don Young, (R-Alaska), possibly claim that this is not an environmental disaster, and that this all “natural”? How can Sarah Palin claim that this is the fault of environmentalists who brought about regulations to the industry which the industry bypassed by going off-shore?
    This is an environmental disaster, and it is not the fault of environmentally aware people. This disaster was caused by greed, and the world may never recover. We need to find a safe way to pump oil, or give it up. We absolutely must promote and use more clean, renewable, and non-leaking sources of energy. The next leak might just be a nuclear power plant…

  2. […] The Florida Gulf oil spill has put the brown pelican back on the brink of extinction. […]

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