The Unicorn Meat Dust-up

David Cassuto

Is it an animal law matter that the National Pork Board sent a `cease and desist letter´ to the folks at  ThinkGeek, ordering them to stop referring to unicorn meat as `the other white meat?´  Well, I guess technically yes

4 Responses

  1. That’s endangered meat! Thank goodness the NPB came to the rescue!

  2. Check out the “Screaming Chef’s Knife” at the same site–

    Ad copy:
    “Never forget your steak comes from Bessie the Cow again! MOOOOO! MOOOOOOO! Let the screams of terrified poultry ring out in your kitchen while you prep your teriyaki stir fry.”

    Vegetarians/vegan aren’t necessarily off the hook here, though.

  3. […] Posted on June 23, 2010 by sethsation It appears that not only do we have unicorn meat on the menu, but lion meat as well. Yahoo! Sports reported on this “adventurous” new […]

  4. I love the sparkles in it 🙂

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