Help Wanted: HSUS Animal Law Litigator

David Cassuto

Hey you litigators, here’s a good looking  job:

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) seeks an attorney with at least one year of relevant legal experience for a Staff Attorney position within the Animal Protection Litigation Section in our Washington, DC office.
The Animal Protection Litigation Section at The HSUS conducts precedent-setting legal campaigns on behalf of animals in state and federal courts around the country, and also serves as the primary line of defense against legal attacks on legislative measures designed to protect animals from cruelty and abuse. With a team of over a dozen in-house litigators, numerous outside attorneys, and a docket of more than forty active cases, the Animal Protection Litigation Section oversees the largest litigation program dedicated to ensuring the humane treatment of animals in the country. More information is available at

General Description: The Staff Attorney will work with some of the nation’s leading animal protection lawyers on all aspects of the organization’s animal protection litigation efforts. The Staff Attorney will serve as lead and co-counsel in a variety of state and federal court actions, primarily including actions to protect threatened and endangered species, marine mammals, migratory birds, and other wildlife, and also actions to improve the treatment of captive animals such as those used in traveling shows and other exhibitions, animal fighting ventures, medical research and other experimentation, puppy mills, and factory farms.  
Qualifications: J.D. and one or more years of legal experience, preferably in litigation. Candidates must have excellent legal writing and research skills. Some background in animal protection and/or administrative and environmental law is desired, but we are primarily interested in hiring someone who is resourceful, innovative, productive, and who will be a strong advocate for animals.
Compensation: A competitive salary commensurate with experience and an award-winning benefits package.
Contact: Please submit cover letter, resume and writing sample to or fax to 301.548.7701.

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  1. Is position still available. Are other positions available. I. Will pass information to leticia. She. Loves animals. Is a ucla law graduate. Is a sole practiomer in cfiminal and familyl law. Has been in practice for twelve years. She ownes abi personally witnessed her care of a pit bull she. Foumd . The dog was almost fead. She nursed him back to hralth. She. Also. Had amother pitbull shot by an off duty police ogficer. The dog posed no danger. She. Wants tochamge the. Status. Of animals as merely chattle.

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