Captive Animals, Dead People, Bad Reporting

David Cassuto

How many times have we heard the story of a captive wild animal killing someone?  This would be just another replay of the same sad and avoidable story except for a few details.  In this instance, which took place outside Cleveland, the guy who kept the unfortunate bear was not the person killed.  The victim, Brent Kandra, is a guy the WaPo refers to as the bear’s “caretaker” — someone who frequently helped the owner, Sam Mazzola, with his animals.  What animals?  A whole lot of animals — lions, tigers, bears, wolves, coyotes.  Mazzola, who had been convicted of illegally selling and transporting animals and who was also cited for illegally staging wrestling matches between bears and people, recently filed for bankruptcy.            

Now, all this is awful — all of it — particularly the unfortunate death of Mr. Kandra.  But let’s also not overlook what led to the death — the USDA does not regulate the ownership of exotic animals.   Ohio, which requires permits to own bears, does not regulate the ownership of non-native species (lions, tigers, etc.).  Myopic?  Yes, I think so.

It’s also unfortunate that Mazzola will let Kandra’s family decide the bear’s fate.  Why is it that when animals are involved, all logic goes out the window and our society cleaves to a bizarre version of lex talionis?

What’s also awful is WaPo’s reporting.  We’re told that a friend of Mazzola’s whose teenage son used to wrestle his bears, said that Mazzola treated the bears like they were his children.  That’s high praise indeed coming from someone whose parenting skills (see previous sentence) clearly set the gold standard.

We also learn that bear attacks in the wild have killed two people this year.  And that’s relevant because… ?  Well, because both incidents involve bears, of course.  For the same reason, I would expect an article on the oil spill in the Gulf to also discuss piracy off the Somali coast.  After all, both involve oceans.

Similarly, the mention of rangers tracking down and killing a grizzly suspected of a fatal mauling in Wyoming is highly topical because of the ursine link.  Never mind the different species involved or that the circumstances could not be more dissimilar.  This is an article about bears so by golly, let’s talk about bears. 

How about the Chicago Bears or the Bad News Bears?  Can we talk about them too?  Or is that just silly and irrelevant?

Update: The bear is dead.  Kandras parents just “needed the bear to die.”

4 Responses

  1. I no longer believe that all people who wear human suits are really human beings. How else to explain such senseless cruelty?

  2. Excellent posts, terrific writing. Delighted to find you. KL

  3. Hmmm. Human suits; I like that. That may well be the problem. And Ketzel, thanks for the props and welcome aboard.

  4. […] Our thanks to David Cassuto of Animal Blawg (”Transcending Speciesism Since October 2008″) for permission to republish this piece. […]

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