ABA-TIPS Animal Law Committee

David Cassuto

I leave for Brazil anon but did not want to depart without a plug for the ABA-TIPS Animal Law Committee. It has done and continues to do an enormous amount to raise the profile and credibility of animal law within the larger legal community.  If you are a lawyer or law student, you should join.

The past chair, Joan Schaffner, is on the faculty at the George Washington Law School and did a bang-up job.  The incoming chair, Mariann Sullivan, is already having a significant impact and, among her other accomplishments (and they are many), she is one of the doyennes of the fabulous Our Hen House.

Last, the Shameless Self-Promotion Desk did not want me to leave without noting that our hero was recently appointed a Vice-Chair of the Committee.

One Response

  1. How can your organization help America’s wild horses and burros? They are ruthlessly being harrased and rounded up by helicopters and then abused in holding pens with the public being denied access. By law these wild horses belong to the land and to the Americian people(1971 federal law putting aside public lands for them to roam freely as symbols of America’s Freedom.
    Bureau of Land Mismanagement has smashed this law and the horses freedom to smitherines
    Please help the wild horses–and let us keep our symbols of freedom for our children and grandchildren.
    Thank you,
    Honor Hannon

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