Mmmm, Meat Paste

David Cassuto

Whoa!  So this is what becomes Slim Jims, McNuggets, hot dogs, etc.  Get the full 411 here.

Mechanically Separated Chicken, from Fooducate, via Early Onset of Night

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Animal Blawg, Bea Elliott. Bea Elliott said: Mmmm, Meat Paste: […]

  2. Check out Andrew Sullivan’s post today that uses this picture to accompany “Fast Foods: A Rap Rondeau” by W. D. Snodgrass, which first appeared in The Atlantic in April, 2003:
    With fast foods you’ve got to feast since you can’t fast—
    In next to no time you feel famished, though
    You’re looking paunchy, fat-haunched and flab-assed
    And by now the force-fed figure you’ve amassed
    Hamstrings your frame. Getting enough comes slow
    With fast foods.

    Like fast fucking. Simone Weil warned: we know
    Appetites from addictions by an acrid contrast
    In their satisfactions: that is, by how long they last.
    You can get too much bread; there is no
    Such thing as enough cocaine. Hungers turn vast
    As lunar landscapes where you range, aghast
    At your own emptiness. With time, those faux
    Fixes that should fill lust’s vacuums cast
    -rate you: both flesh and flesh’s cravings grow
    With fast foods.

  3. Whoa! Great catch!

  4. […] menu was very nutritious, pointing to the peeled apples and white meat McNuggets (of course, “meat” is relative).  But Supervisor Eric Mar pointed to a study by  Yale University’s Rudd […]

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