Finding the Factory Farms

David Cassuto

We’re often told (because it’s true) that 10 billion animals are killed for food in this country every year.  The implications of that number for climate change, water and air pollution, and animal suffering are well-documented and appalling.  But most of us have never seen a factory farm.  Agribusiness counts on the “out of sight, out of mind” effect to keep the population quiescent and, for the most part, the strategy works.

So where are those 10 billion animals? 

They’re here:

Food &Water Watch has an interactive version of this map over at its site which you can manipulate to see locations of just the broilers, just the cattle, just the hogs, just the laying hens, etc.  It’s . . . sobering.

2 Responses

  1. Maybe a better question is “where are they not?”. 😦

  2. […] “puppy mills.” By holding their breeding standards to the same candle that lights the inside of the CAFO industry, puppy mills are able to mass produce animals for mass consumption. The retail outlets who sell […]

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