ALDF Scholarships for Law Students

David Cassuto

Heads up, Law Students!

From the ALDF website:

ALDF Advancement of Animal Law Scholarships

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) Advancement of Animal Law Scholarships are available to second- and third-year law student members of our student chapters and will be awarded based upon demonstrated commitment to ALDF’s mission, “to advance the interests and protect the lives of animals through the legal system.” Applicants should be committed to the advancement of animal law through active involvement with their Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) chapter while in law school and anticipated participation in the field after graduation. Meet last year’s recipients!

A secondary goal of the scholarship is to ensure the recipient’s chapter will maintain active and engaged leadership. Therefore, scholarship recipients are encouraged to act as a SALDF advisor to their chapter for up to two years after graduation; this mentorship will help ensure continuity of the chapter and contribute to its ongoing vitality.     

Scholarships are for one year only. However, students are eligible to apply for continued funding. Scholarships for 2Ls (and part-time students) are $2,500 and scholarships for 3Ls are $5,000.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Applicant must be a member of an active SALDF chapter.
  • Students may apply in their first or second year for scholarship to be applied during their second, third, or fourth year (part-time students also considered).
  • Applicant must demonstrate outstanding commitment to animal law.
  • Applicant should be interested in serving as an SALDF advisor for up to two years after graduation.
  • Applications must be emailed (preferred method), mailed, or faxed byMarch 4, 2011 to:
    Animal Legal Defense Fund
    Attn: Nicole Pallotta
    919 SW Taylor, 4th Floor
    Portland, OR 97205
    Fax: (503) 231-1578
  • Scholarship recipients will be notified by April 16, 2011.

Applicants must submit:

  • Two letters of recommendation, at least one from a law school professor.
  • Current academic transcript (unofficial is okay).
  • A copy of your most recent resume.
  • Provide complete answers to the following questions. There is no page limit. Answers must be typed and double spaced. Include your name, SALDF chapter, year in school, address, phone number, and email address.
    1. Describe your interest in animal issues and tell us how your law school education will help you to be a better advocate for animals.
    2. Describe your role within your SALDF chapter.
    3. Describe any other animal law (or animal protection) activities and experience (academic, volunteer, activism, employment, etc.) to date.
    4. ALDF’s mission is to advance the lives and protect the interest of animals through the legal system. Describe how you see yourself contributing to this mission, and tell us how you will support the field of animal law after graduation.
    5. How will receiving this scholarship help you to achieve your goals?
    6. Recipients of the ALDF Advancement of Animal Law Scholarship are encouraged to serve as a SALDF advisor for two years after graduation. How do you envision yourself in this role and how would you contribute to your chapter’s ongoing vitality once you graduate?
    7. Describe your financial need, including law school debt, other debt, and other sources of financial support, including your history of employment during law school.


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