Wolves have their day in court…again

First, anyone who aspires to be a judge should take a gander at this.

Here’s the latest on the complex legal maneuvers surrounding the wolf issue in the northern Rockies. A small cadre of “anti-wolf protesters” showed up outside the courthouse in Missoula, MT yesterday–to view the rest of their signs, click here.

3 Responses

  1. I see a pattern here:
    The EPA compromised by factory farming.
    The bison herds “culled” for the sake of livestock interests…
    The BLM rounding up “protected” horses for the sake of “cattle” grazing.
    And now, the corruption of the ESA in “managing” wolves that aren’t even responsible for a fraction of the killed cows, sheep or elk.
    Sad and infuriating. Such dirty dealings, all in the name of “meat.”

  2. Yes, not to mention the over four million creatures killed/euthanized and over 18,000 “destroyed” by USDA/APHIS Wildlife Services in 2009…detailed analysis by species here:

    Click to access Table_G_FY2009_Short.pdf

  3. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 30 years – its just constant – never gets better. I’m sick of all the culling, killing, rationalizations that all just cater to special interest groups

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