Idaho wolf “disaster emergency” bill introduced

"Hand over the berries, sis."

Kathleen Stachowski Other Nations

Purple prose…melodrama…not what you expect to find in legislation these days UNLESS it comes from the Northern Rockies and deals with “imported Canadian wolves.” To wit: Idaho’s House Bill 343, introduced to the House for its first reading on 4/4.

The  uncontrolled proliferation of imported wolves on private land has produced a clear and present danger to humans, their pets and livestock, and has altered and hindered historical uses of private and public land, dramatically inhibiting previously safe activities such as walking, picnicking, biking, berry picking, hunting and fishing. The continued uncontrolled presence of gray wolves represents an unfunded mandate, a federal commandeering of  both state and private citizen resources and a government taking that makes private property unusable for the quiet enjoyment of property owners. An emergency existing therefore, it is the intent of the legislature to regulate the presence of Canadian gray wolves in Idaho in order to safeguard the public, wildlife, economy and private property against additional devastation to Idaho’s social culture, economy and natural resources, and to preserve the ability to benefit from private and public property within the state and experience the quiet enjoyment of such property.

Yes, it was bad enough when “all” you had to deal with was Notorious Predator Yogi Bear swiping your pic-a-nic basket, but now comes this Canadian threat, eh? Wolves knocking you off your bike, wolves grabbing your pic-a-nic basket AND your berry bucket…maybe even your gun. OMG.

Note to wolves: One-hundred-and-one wolves in Idaho is one wolf too many and triggers (haha!) a disaster emergency. Hope you guys can count. Read the full legislation here.

4 Responses

  1. … And passed by the Idaho House today.

  2. Thanks, Terry. A 64-5 vote passed it, with threats of an emotional display ( “I will be in tears if you do not pass this bill and I may not go home”) from one representative. The bill was introduced without public testimony and with no formal committee hearing, according to the article at

  3. … today, passed by the Senate and sent to the no-friend-of-the-wolf Governor. You may think that Idaho can really bring the crazy, but this emergency declaration will no doubt save countless puppies and babies from being eaten by wolves.

  4. ..With gray wolves in Idaho back on the endangered species list Idaho Fish and Game will continue with its non-hunting season wolf management..Fish and Game biologists will continue tracking and monitoring wolves and working with federal officials to prevent livestock depredation Deputy Director Jim Unsworth said in a news conference Friday.. Idaho Fish and Game is disappointed with the federal court decision that places gray wolves back on the Endangered Species list Unsworth said. The same stewardship Fish and Game provides for other game species will not be applied to wolves as a result of this ruling. .Plans for wolf hunting seasons have been suspended and holders of 2010 wolf tags may be eligible for refunds.

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