“Rat” vs. “her”: We’d RATHER have an honest discussion

Imagine that, marketing presenting us with a false dichotomy. And as any former English teacher (ahem) will tell you, it’s “whom.”

“That billboard has appeared in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Chicago and Baltimore, and will soon debut in Madison, Wis. — all cities with major medical or primate research centers. They were put up by the Washington, D.C.-based Foundation for Biomedical Research, a non-profit educational organization funded by universities, hospitals, advocacy groups, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech firms with a stake in animal research. The foundation, like its sister lobbying organization, the National Association of Biomedical Research, supports “humane and responsible use of animals in research.”

The campaign, which cost $125,000 to $150,000, aims to push back against animal-rights activists’ high-profile attempts to shut down animal experimentation, particularly neuroscience studies on primates, said Frankie Trull, the foundation’s president and founder.”  Read the full article and view a news segment at ABC.

From another source: “”Critics of medical research involving animals find the billboards “disingenuous,” says Dr. John J. Pippen, a cardiologist who is senior medical and research adviser for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (www.pcrm.org), which promotes alternatives to medical and drug research on animals.

““It’s not a choice between a laboratory animal and a child,” says Pippen, who argues that animal testing doesn’t translate to human cures and that 90 percent of the drugs that work on animals fail to do the same for humans.” Full article here.

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