Wild bison calf born on Monday, dead by Thursday: The short, tragic life of an American icon

Buffalo Field Campaign photo

WEST YELLOWSTONE, MONTANA: A wild American buffalo calf born Monday was found dead Thursday – a result of being repeatedly forced from winter range in Hebgen basin by agents with the Montana Department of Livestock and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Yellowstone National Park rangers and Gallatin County Sheriff’s office were part of the repeated “hazing” operations that entail forcing buffalo from winter range under the highly controversial Interagency Bison Management Plan.

Read the full account here.

8 Responses

  1. This is horrifying. I was in tears yesterday.

    I wrote a bunch of letter telling those sons-o-bitches exactly where I thought they could put their ATVs. Cocky bastards.

    If there is a God that poor little calf is in the green forever meadow and those a*&%$#es will spend an eternity being hunted down and eaten alive by wild dogs.

    Thank you for this notice. I forwarded it to my Mom. She thought it was horrendous too. She wrote some letters as well.

    Keep up the fight.

  2. I am appalled at the cruelty of the heartless sub-humans who did this. It was in my dreams last night. Thankfully I received a good news post from Buffalo Field Command today re the buffalo being released from the Stephens Creek trap in Yellowstone.

    Whatever happened to Drovers? I hope that they are still around and useful. Back in the olden days they were the drivers of cattle from one town to another, before they had all-terrain vehicles and fewer A#%$&!es. My great grand pappy was a drover and would be rolling over in his grave to hear about the latest death of an infant buffalo, mercilessly driven without regard its well being.

    Drovers used to drive the cattle at a speed not over 15 miles a day, which would maintain their weight and health….a pretty pokey speed compared to an ATV and an A#%$&!e at the wheel!!! I hope this hazing will be discontinued ASAP and forever.

  3. put them a*****es in a pen with a bunch of buffalo, make em run for their liver, let the bison stomp the

  4. but lots die, its only one, nt too big of a deal

  5. The tragic story and photographs of the heart breaking brief life and death of the baby is symbolic of the many others that suffer and die at the hands of ignorant wannabe cowpokes when the cameras aren’t clicking. That’s why it’s a BIG DEAL.

  6. Thanks, Mollie. And thanks to Buffalo Field Campaign. Without BFC’s constant vigilance, this calf would have lived and died without our knowledge–another anonymous victim of cruelty and intolerance on behalf of the Montana livestock industry. If anyone is just now reading for the first time, please see the post previous to this one–“Happy Mother’s Day Montana Style.”

  7. I want to institute a new rule here: In order to become a member of the Department of Livestock, you must be chased on horseback and prodded and poked and harassed over a ridiculously long period of time until you are dead. After all, police officers who want a tazer have to be tazed, right?

  8. […] Once the winter migration slaughter ends, the springtime hazing of pregnant bison cows, moms, and babies begins; the tragic Mother’s Day story of one calf’s brief life and brutal death is told here and here. […]

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