Fits of Madness

Seth Victor

Some years it’s sick pigs.  Other years it’s food companies publicly recognizing the need for less antibiotics in meat, because that apparently isn’t good for anyone. At the moment, it’s another bout of mad cow disease sending ripples through the international markets. Most of us can remember the British outbreak in 1997, which forced many people to reconsider their dinners and actually think about what they were eating. So what happened? Well, regulations were adjusted just enough to quell the public outcry, officials swore to never let this sort of thing happen again, and the news went away as soon as the outbreak was under control. Back to business as (mostly) usual.

One species in this system is acting insanely, but I’m not convinced it’s the bovines. Anyone want to take the over/under on when and what the next outbreak in farmed animals will be?

2 Responses

  1. I don’t know anything about betting and over/under, Seth, but I do know madness when I see it.

    And the entire system of animal agriculture and slaughter is constructed on the mad lust for money, for meat, and for monopolizing and merchandizing other sentient beings who we ignorantly deem inferior to us.

    The culture of killing is morally insane. It can’t end too soon for the good of our planet and its people, nonhuman and human alike.

  2. Pathogen outbreaks are common enough in plant-based foods. Any time you have to feed masses of people — mostly urbanized and incapable of producing their own food — you’re going to hit the complication of bugs getting into the food supply and sickening people.

    That said. I, personally think that vegetarianism/significantly less meat consumption is the wave of the future.

    For three basic reasons. First, animal welfare, second, environmental concerns, and third, public health. Regarding the latter, not so much because of pathogen outbreaks, but the long-term effects of over-consumption of meats — such as heart disease.

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