Animals Can Be Victims, Too

Seth Victor

Rather than regurgitate Scott Heiser’s words, I encourage you to read ALDF’s post about State v. Nix, in which the Oregon appellate court held that individual horses count as separate victims, reversing a trial court holding that multiple abused horses merged into a single count of animal abuse. As the post mentions, this is a very exciting case, and will be very useful persuasive law for cases across the country.

4 Responses

  1. Some judges are beginning to see the light!

  2. Seth, you’re right, it is an exciting holding! I note, however that your State v Nix link goes to the wrong case. The State v. Nix link should go here:

    The ALDF link is fine.

    Again, though, thanks for bringing this important case to our attention!

  3. Thanks for the catch Lorien.

  4. thanks this post

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