Animal Blawg Links 3.15.13


Spencer Lo

One (unfortunate) reality of blogging, especially for a slow writer like myself, is that it’s impossible to write about everything one reads, and yet there is so much important information and valuable perspectives to share. So from time to time (perhaps weekly), in lieu of my regular manner of blogging, I’ll simply offer quick links of articles, podcasts, videos, etc., that I’ve found worth examining—and hope others will too. Enjoy!

  • Philosopher Ramona Ilea provides an informative commentary on the history of animal ethics in “From Pythagoras to Today: Animals and Philosophy 101,” which is a follow-up to her podcast interview  on Our Hen House. She maintains that:Studying philosophers’ arguments thus gives us a better understanding of where our ideas have come from, and where we might want to go next; it also helps us engage in ethical reflection about our beliefs and habits.”
  • Independent journalist Will Potter discusses “Ag Gag” laws, which seek to criminalize hidden investigations of animal cruelty on farms, in this piece and recently on NPR. “Without undercover videos and photos, there’s pretty much zero chance you would ever see or hear about abuse of factory-farm animals. They have minimal legal protection during their lives.”
  • Is veganism a religion under anti-discrimination law? It can be, as Professor Sherry F. Colb explains in her article, discussing a recent lawsuit brought by a former hospital employee (who is vegan) fired for refusing to get a flu vaccine produced from eggs. Interestingly, the district court has allowed her claim of religious discrimination to proceed. See Colb’s follow-up piece here, in which she further explores the relationship between ethical veganism and religion.
  • Carol Adams, author of “The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory,” discusses her book and the relationship between feminism and veganism in this insightful twopart interview. See also this piece by Theresa Noll on Adams’ highly influential book.  

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