ALDF Files Suit Challenging Ag-Gag

David Cassuto

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) & PETA have filed suit challenging Utah’s draconian Ag-Gag law.  Read Stephen Well’s excellent blog post about it here.chicken

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  1. I’ve never seen pigs in cages like this before. Can you tell me more about what’s going on. This looks different from gestation crates.

  2. These are pigs in transport crates in China. Granted, these crates are terrible, but they are not the crates the pigs live in. These particular pigs were being moved due to a disease outbreak. This is from a 2007 Reuters story. I keep seeing this photo posted to illustrate the horrors of factory farming in the United States, and while factory farming is a horror, this photo is not of a factory farm in the United States. I do wish animal advocates would be more careful about using photos like this.

    For more see

  3. Thank you, Amanda. I appreciate the correction. and have changed the picture to more accurately reflect the state of affairs in the U.S.

  4. The point about the image that was originally posted but is now removed is that *IF* this was a method in which pig-meat could be grown more profitably… It would be done. There’s virtually nothing that would stop this race-to-the-bottom industry from defining this extreme as “standard practice” either. I don’t put anything past them… Honestly I don’t.

    And that is exactly why they have to be monitored with the kind of scrutiny that only an objective undercover investigation can yield.

    Reporters have a responsibility to expose the truth to the public and an obligation to their own craft to obtain useful information. To be denied this freedom of journalism is to deny us all of what we as consumers have a right to – Unbiased reality. Not a doctored-up, cozy, sanitized, scripted, rehearsed and staged image available only through the industry channels. It’s wrong to have laws that frustrate access to truth! Thank you ALDF and all others who are pursuing legal remedy to what the industry would rather keep hidden.

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