Organized Crime and Dogfighting

Rafael WolffFirst Post Animal Law Image

How can anyone hurt this little, cute puppy?

That was my only thought when I realized that this little guy was found in the scorching sun, with a chain around his neck, during a police raid last month, due to an investigation about dog fighting, according to CNN. But when organized crime and money are involved, there is little room for compassion, so, I shouldn’t be surprised. What should have surprised me is the fact that dogfighting can bring as much as $200,000 to criminals. I also should have been surprised by the fact that there are a lot of costumers for that “product”, similarly to drugs and other illegal goods. 

On August, 23th, Federal and State authorities rescued 367 pit bull terriers in Alabama and Georgia and arrested 11 people in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas for violations of the Animal Fighting Enforcement Act (18 U.S.C.A. § 49) and gambling statutes.

For now, I just hope that dog n. 917 (yes, this guy does not have a name yet) will be adopted soon by a lovely family, who will take good care of him.

For those who want know more about that dogfighting ring, click here.

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