Moving Animal Cruelty Crimes to the Penal Law?

Nicole Geraci

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi has proposed a bill to move animal abuse crimes from the Agriculture Markets Law into BLOG 1 picture[1] copythe Penal Law, a change which he and CNY SPCA note is long overdue.  According to Brindisi, “Many animal abuse laws were written 50 years ago. And most judges and lawyers are just not familiar with agriculture market laws as they are with the penal law . . . When you have a case of animal cruelty, the courts and lawyers may not consider them “real crimes” with animal abuse, even when they are in fact severe crimes.”  Unfortunately, I think this mindset probably exists amongst the general public as well, and this bill proposal is a means of addressing the problem.  Recent cases of animal abuse across Central New York, as disturbing as they are, may be just the momentum needed to enforcing harsher punishments for violators of animal cruelty. 

CNY SPCA executive director Paul Morgan also points out that a transition to the penal law would be easier for law enforcement since this is an area in which they are obviously more familiar.  Legislation will be reintroduced to lawmakers this coming January.  In order to gain the necessary support from the Senate, the assemblyman is urging members of the community to do their part.  Advocacy and awareness are key components in shedding light on a particular issue and are often the driving factors in effecting change.  Anyone interested in lending their support is urged to write or call your state legislator.

See the News 9 report here.  Find your legislature’s contact information here.

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  1. […] Nicole Geraci Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi has proposed a bill to move animal abuse crimes from the Agriculture Markets Law into the Penal Law, a change which he and CNY SPCA note is long overdue. …  […]

  2. “Anyone interested in lending their support is urged to write or call your state legislator.”


    Will do. Hopefully, moving these crimes into penal law will allow for more proportionate penalites, and perhaps even inspire reconsideration of nonhumans as objects of property.

  3. Congratulations guys. keep the candle burning. don’t give up. As for my country Sierra Leone, we don’t have any animal welfare/policy. we emulate your example one day.

    A most EVIL animal abuser MAN: Michael Garritson is a man who lives in Valley Center, California. He has a past history of killing an infant in his wife’s care, and THEN committing felony animal abuse, including occular injuries to animals, and then later, convicted of felony abuse of a severely autistic patient in his care, which included eye gouging the autistic patient! WHEN will this country realize that people who abuse animals also ABUSE helpless vulnerable people like infants and severely disabled people! And they are EVIL THey always play the “victim” while they are victimizing those around them. They are parasites. Working inside homes where they can take advantage of those they work for. We need NEW LAWS that provide the harshest punishment for people who abuse babies, animals and severely disabled or elderly people who can’t DEFEND themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael Garritson has a fan pool, as do many evil people. They usually manipulate their family members to think they have done no wrong, just see all the DATELINE SPECIALS where a family member has done something HORRIFIC and the stupid family members think the murderer or abuser did “no wrong.” For example, John Garritson. Blake Garritson. Jarrod Garritson. Heather Garritson. Linda Garritson. Michael Garritson. All associated with this family and involved in covering up the father’s crimes.
    IF THIS ANIMAL ABUSER would have been STOPPED he would NOT Have gone on to ABUSE a helpless autistic person@! CONVICTED ANIMAL ABUSERS need to be put into a DATABASE so if they want to become nurses, OR ARE nurses, the public can SEE the danger that is associated with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHY hasn’t animal abuse been considered a crime of “moral turpitude” in California????????


    This petition of mine is a must read and sign for all people who are genuinely concerned about the growing epidemic of animal cruelty/abuse and the main perpetrators who do horrible, despicable acts against the most innocent creatures of our world .Please stand with me as I attempt to cause real conversation and change, for the homeless old and young dogs and cats still calling an animal shelter their home. We need to come up with more solutions, so that the breeders who breed for the sake of money and the irresponsible “pet parents” who exercise neglect when they refuse to spay or neuter their pets get stiffer consequences when CHOOSING THEIR ACTIONS! (a three strikes and your out policy on the books, perhaps?) Here’s what I am thinking could be done to make this policy work: First offense:: a warning and a 150.00 fine Second offense:: community service at a local animal shelter and a 500.00 fine Third and final offense results in a 1000.00 fine along with 30 days in jail. These breeders and irresponsible pet owners need to be sent a much stronger message that their negligence against animals will no longer be tolerated. As well, dogs, cats, kittens and puppies should not pay with their very lives just because they were born.

    Thank you in advance for supporting my petition and helping me to make a difference for dogs and cats everywhere. Sincerely, Kimber Norton

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