Obscure and Acute Laws

Seth Victor

We cover a lot of important and weighty issues on the Blawg, so today I want to share with you this list I found on NorthJersey.com listing some interesting (outdated?) laws involving animals. Admittedly, I have not researched the history of these gems, but I am certainly intrigued as to why they needed to be set down:

1. In Alaska it is against the law to push a live moose out of an airplane mid-flight.

2. In Arizona, you aren’t allowed to let your donkey sleep in the bathtub.

3. In California, animals can’t mate within 500 yards of a church or school.

4. In Colorado it is illegal to drink and ride a horse.

5. In Connecticut dogs with tattoos must be reported to the authorities.

6. In Georgia, people cannot give away goldfish at bingo contests (because it is a crime to stomp a goldfish).

7. In Idaho, there is to be no fishing while riding a camel.

8. In Iowa there is to be no eating of the fire hydrants.

9. Maryland movie theaters do not allow people to bring lions.

10. It is against the law to hunt whales in Nebraska.

One Response

  1. Animal activists should all network for the good of the animals. Outdated laws need to be changed. Write your politicians and see if a lawyer would be interested in helping via a pro bono effort. Thank all of you for all you do helping animals in need everywhere.


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