Sign The Petition Against Exotic Animal Abuse In New York Circuses

The cruelty-free show must go on. Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION), an animal advocacy non-profit, has initiated a petition through in support of the Traveling Wild and Exotic Animal Protection Act. (See memorandum in support by the the New York City Bar Association).

In summary, the act — A.5407 in the New York State Assembly and S.5971 in the Senate — would add Section 352 to the New York Agriculture and Markets Law to prohibit any:

…traveling circuses or show from including the participation of an exotic or wild animal, including a non-human primate, in an animal act if during the thirty day period preceding such participation, such animal was traveling in a mobile housing facility. 

The Traveling Wild and Exotic Animal Protection Act is based on the research and initial drafting by Michelle Land, director of Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies, home of the Environmental Policy Clinic.

The circus animals protected by the act are scared into submission by beating, shocking, and whipping, the only methods that work against wild animals. 20 Countries and 40 United States municipalities, including the towns of Southampton and Greenburgh, NY, have already set an example by restricting or banning the use of wild animals in entertainment.


It is time for all New Yorkers to take action and sign the petition to support theTraveling Wild and Exotic Animal Protection Act.  Guarantee New York State will no longer allow animal torture as entertainment.



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  1. Done. Hope it helps.

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