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This blog focuses on animal law, ethics and policy.  It provides a forum for community and collegiality as well as debate and the exchange of ideas.  Founded by Pace Law School professors, David N. Cassuto, Luis E. Chiesa and law student, Suzanne McMillan, the blog is now maintained by David Cassuto.  Contributors include academics, practitioners, and law students, as well as other interested members of the animal advocacy community.

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David N. Cassuto
Professor of Law
Pace Law School
Director, Brazil-American Institute for Law & Environment (BAILE)

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  1. Thank you for linking to our blog. I’ll be sure to add you in our blogroll. All the best!

  2. Could you please contact ken@1800blogger.com

  3. I am a Canadian television Director, currently working on a documentary on animal rights. I wonder if you have any Canadian colleagues who support your philosophy to whom you could direct me.

    Best regards
    Karen Pinker

  4. We linked to your blog- thanks for the visit!


  5. Hello, I couldn’t find your email on this site so I hope it’s OK to post this here. I’m writing on behalf of the RSPCA, raising awareness of its urgent campaign to protect the welfare of UK meat chickens. We need people to petition the government through sending a letter at http://bit.ly/quash and if you could write a blog post about this it would be much appreciated. Please email me for more information and imagery if you would like to cover the campaign.

  6. Hello
    I need help in Florida. I live next door to this canned hunting business. The county is not helping us. This business moved in and did not get any permits for building or county license’s to operate. Now the county is giving them what thay want and changing the zoning to help the business. Could you review this and get back to me. Could you help? The county is changing the A-2 zoning.

    There is land in Indiantown which has the proper zoning which would allow an individual or cooperation to operate a hunting business, there just are not any on Foxbrown Road.

    Zoning exists to protect the values of our homes and ensure quiet enjoyment from industrial and commercial smells, noises, and unseemly sights.

    If the commissioners decide to change martin county’s A-2 zoning to allow a hunting business with lodging We would greatly appreciate if they would create a ” No gun fire safety zone ” between that business and adjacent schools, day cares, playgrounds, parks, equestrian facilities and residential homes.

    We would also like to see the A-2 zoning address specific types of hunting which would be permitted on conservation areas.

    We also feel that if dog kennels are to be permitted on a 200 acre property they should be at least 1000 ft from adjacent properties or sound proofed.
    Elisa Ackerly Indiantown resident.

  7. I suggest contacting the folks at the Florida Animal Law blog (http://www.floridaanimallaw.com/). Maybe they can give you a referral. You can also find them on our blogroll.

  8. hi. to help convince friends, family, others, of the benefits of a plant diet and the harm caused by a meat diet, i am trying to find a short article or essay that references the environmental damage caused by using animals for food, clothing, etc.

    isn’t animal use the #1 cause of environmental damage?


  9. It’s hard to say what is # 1, but it’s certainly way up there. This post should give you a start in finding some: https://animalblawg.wordpress.com/2009/09/18/cafos-an-unregulated-assault-on-the-air-water/

  10. FYI: CAFOs and animal abuse made primetime twice in recent weeks. Once on Fox’s “Bones”– “The Toughman in the Tender Chicken”– and once on CBS’s “CSI Miami– “Bad Seed”. The Bones episode is still up on Hulu and the show’s website, and the “Bad Seed” episode recap is available at the CSI Miami site. My organization, Idaho Concerned Area Residents for the Environment (ICARE) has sent letters thanking these shows for having the courage to spotlight this important problem. It would be very worthwhile if you and everyone you know could do the same (you can bet those networks are going to hear from industry, so we might as well try to head them off at the pass).

    I blogged about this here: http://www.fairfoodfight.com/blog/verno/cafos-make-primetime

  11. I couldn’t find the right place to place this information – but I hope it is ok here – I also hope people might ‘spread the word’…

    This year in August, I visited Latvia and Lithuania with a friend. I could say that overall it was a great trip and I found the Lonely Planet guide great. However, the reason that I am writing is because, of something both shameful and sickening that we witnessed – when we were in the town of Siauliai (central Lithuania – We visited a ‘cat museum’ that is mentioned in the Lonely Planet book of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on page 339 as ‘Museum of Cats’. – Address – Zuvininky gatve 18. After the somewhat out of town trek to get there, we found the ominous building housing the ‘Museum’ that was chiefly run by a seemingly pleasant old woman – who was friendly and happy to let us roam around looking at the kitschy and garish statues, miniatures and pictures that lined the rooms and walls of the ‘Museum’ – there was even a sleepy fat old cat, that made an appearance – adding a touch of authenticity to the mood. Aside from the overbearing smell of animal excrement – everything seemed ok. My friend and I both found ourselves caught up in a friendly conversation with the old women, who after a about 15 minutes, gave us an odd look and invited us into another ‘back room’ to show us the ‘Mini Zoo’ – What we witnessed in that room, was to leave an horrific lasting impression on both my friend and I for a very long time. The ‘Mini Zoo’ was a collection of exotic animals in cages, all housed in a two medium sized lounge rooms, in appalling conditions, caged and reduced to mere entertainment. There was a monkey in a small cage that had a look of sheer terror in its eyes, god knows how many years these animals had suffered and endured these inhumane and disgusting conditions. Within the monkey cage there was even another cage with, if i remember a rabbit or a small pig, there was a huge twenty meter snake squashed up in a small glass terrarium, birds from all over the world in tiny cages, other animals and reptiles all lumped together in cages, animals gone mad and running and turning back and forth in other cages and the list goes on. You can’t imagine the overpowering smell of unclean faeces, the whole experience was unimaginable. Unfortunately, the old woman thought she was doing us a favour – as her intentions were of ‘kindness’, but sadly, as seems to be the case in a lot of countries, animals are still considered to be mere play toys or objects that people can do whatever they want to – including mistreat, torture and humiliate. Both my friend and I marched out of the building and went straight to the tourist office to complain. The attitude of the person at the tourist office was astounding! The person couldn’t see what we had to complain about and said, that she was aware of the ‘lovely mini zoo’ and that it was great for ‘the children’ to visit… We both wrote formal complaints, but we had the feeling that our concerns were not shared or taken seriously. Which brings me to the reason that I am writing to you. I don’t feel that Lithuania should continue advertising this despicable ‘Museum’ and that furthermore, should close the place down. – Sadly, it has been observed that in some cases, animals, birds and reptiles (all fauna) are mistreated – due to a lack of responsible education and ignorance. Again, I feel that this is true, considering that even the tourist office was at odds with our complaints. Finally, I am not sure on what legal grounds that place even continues to exist, but that It could be a grand humanitarian endeavour, should one of the animal protection groups this country, do some investigation and perhaps work their way into the ‘mini zoo’ to witness for themselves the horror of the place – and then hopefully they may know of the right action to take, authorities to contact etc. I can only hope that one day, we will see the closure of what I can only describe as a Concentration camp for helpless animals.

  12. …added to that – Does anyone know of a good Animal protection society in Lithuania that I could forward this information to?


  13. It’s great for me to be able to find a blog specifically for animal rights because I’m a firm believer in them. I’ve added you to my blogroll and will definitely be a frequent reader of your posts.

  14. Hello, I’m Lisa with TLC Book Tours. I’d like to contact you about a review & giveaway opportunity for a book I think your audience would really like hearing about called The Lost Dogs. I can’t find an email address for you here but perhaps you could email me and I could give you more information. Thanks!

  15. Whoops, just noticed my email address was wrong in that last reply. I’ve corrected it.

  16. I’m an undergraduate who intends to go to law school for animal law (specifically for primates). This is JUST what I was looking for and I’m so, so excited to be able to read this and hopefully, one day, be able to contribute.

  17. Thanks for keeping up animal blawg. I really appreciate the news updates and commentary. I linked to your blog. http://animalvisions.wordpress.com. Keep up the awesome work!

  18. Thanks very much. We just linked to you as well.

  19. Hi,
    This is a really nice post. Thanks for sharing this information.

  20. Hi David,

    It’s taken me long enough, but I’ve finally subscribed to your blog (saw it only sporadically before, unfortunately).

    I just noticed that you provide links to other blogs. Even though my online book doesn’t have a place for linking to other sites, please feel free to add it (www.CreatureQuotes.com) to your list.

    You know that excerpts from one of your blogs and an article you wrote are featured, with your approval, in Creature Quote, right? See Chapter 20, pp 32-45.


  21. Fabulous! I’m very honored.

  22. Hi David,

    I’m a masters student at MIT’s graduate program in science writing, and I’m just finishing up my thesis on nonhuman animal cognition and emotion. How I haven’t run across your blog yet is shocking and unfortunate–I love what you’re doing here, and will be checking back often.

    Thanks so much.

    Kristina Bjoran

  23. welcome aboard!

  24. This blog is amazing! I started blogging about great ape issues a couple of months ago, and I’m starting to get questions about legal protections, animal rights, etc. I’ll link to you from http://chimptrainersdaughter.blogspot.com.

  25. I’ve been reading your blog, Dawn, thanks to Patti Ragan at the Center for Great Apes. It’s beautiful — both hauntingly sad and powerfully uplifting.

    I’m glad you found David’s blog. You will find him an insightful, balanced legal mind — a great resource for you as you learn about animal rights issues.

  26. Thanks to you both and welcome aboard, Dawn. I’ve linked to you as well.

  27. Hi! Can you please tell me where you got the image of the bottom of the elephant’s chained feet? Thanks!

  28. David,

    I’m very much enjoying your blog and information. Your a very good writer and I look forward to subscribing and reading your newest posts. I am adding your link to my blog, The Animal Rights Blog.

  29. Because I love your blog so much, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Congrats!



  30. Just found this blog-will keep an eye out. I teach seminars on animal law on Long Island. Last one I did for the staff and students at Touro Law (Suffolk County, Long Island). I also opened to the public and invited several speakers, all animal people, covering state, local, federal and civil law, all of whom graciously said yes and did a wonderful job, so much so I cut my part way down to the domestic violence/animal abuse connection. One topic was the Great Apes…Act. This is a great start, as are many of Suffolk County’s animal laws BUT there is so much more. Please take a look at http://www.CAROLRYDERLAW.com as we add more material. Mind you, it is geared, as the seminars we do for the public, for non-attorneys but we will be adding more. Thanks for doing all this work here. Carol Ryder, Esquire

  31. Hello Vegan Friend!
    We are opening up an all-vegan food cart in Portland, Oregon named Tandem Treats. The cart will be Vegan, local, organic, and pulled around on a tandem bicycle!
    We will serve hot dogs, nachos, buffalo-ranch pizza, chili, sushi wraps, kombucha and root beer.
    Right now we are raising capital on KickStarter.com with rewards like hand letterpressed thank you and recipe cards, free food on your birthday or your name painted on the cart.
    We were wondering if you’d be so kind and mention Tandem Treats! to your fans.
    Thank you!
    Rocks and Cicada
    Tandem Treats!

    Here is the link to our Project-

    and here a short blurb about the cart-

    Tandem Treats! will be a tandem-bike towed Vegan food cart in Portland, Oregon.
    We want to feed our community with as little environmental impact as possible. All of our ingredients will be locally sourced, organic or gmo-free, and Vegan, of course!
    Our menu will include; hot dogs, chili, nachos, sushi, kombucha, root beer, and buffalo-ranch pizza. We will also have gluten-free buns!
    Tandem Treats!, pulled around by Cicada and Rocks, will be in Southeast Portland 4 days a week and at local events around town, offering Vegan options to omnivores and herbivores alike. We are chefs and Animal Rights activists with a plan to win over the world with delicious Vegan food.
    With proceeds from this food cart, our goal is to someday open an Animal Sanctuary.
    Thank you for your support!

  32. Good, Tandem Treats! I told a friend who lives outside Portland. She, in turn, will I’m sure tell others.

  33. Hey David,

    My name is Mattan Danino, and I am the founder of an online community for pet advocacy and adoption called Pet Pardons. The goal of our organization is to end animal euthanasia in America by January 1st, 2015. Currently we have half a million Facebook fans, 3 websites, and a Facebook application that facilitates the rescue of animals across the nation. In just over a year we have saved 14,000+ pets and we are currently saving about a thousand animals per month!

    To support our community, we’ve recently launched a program for quality pet product offers that run twice weekly and I wanted to see if you had interest in becoming a promotional partner. Our deal system offers an affiliate model of promotion whereby our deals can be embedded on your site as a widget or be promoted via your social media channels or email blasts. When any web visitor clicks on our deal and completes a sale you earn a direct commission on every deal sold.

    I came across your website and believe that we could benefit from one another. This opportunity would provide you with a deal offering to your members without the costs of running your own program.

    Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

  34. Check out this cat parody for raising awareness for TNR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukCiGXSHD-0

  35. Hello.

    I’m a recent graduate at California State University, Chico with a degree in journalism. I started a documentary project about the horse slaughter pipeline during my last semester and would like to create a feature-length version this summer. I have a fundraiser on Kickstarter to help move this project forward.
    I’m looking for help in getting the word out about the fundraiser and am wondering if you could spread the news to your friends and readers? For more information, please visit my project link at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sarahbee/home-from-the-pipeline-documentary
    (If you’re concerned about clicking on links, you should be able to go to Kickstarter’s web page and do a search for “Home from the pipeline”)

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, Sarah B.

  36. Hi,

    I am a veteran animal rescuer and have saved animals from shelters for many years. I decided to write a book to put that hands-on experience to use for others to become involved in saving shelter animals, as well.

    To that end, I launched my Kickstarter project to obtain funding to write the book called How to Save Shelter Animals. Once it’s done, I will provide it on a dedicated website for FREE download to anyone who wants it. The reason I want to provide it for free is that I want anyone, any time, any where who wishes to help save shelter animals to have the tools to do so.

    I would very much appreciate if you would let your followers know about this project and help me fund it. If you do help, I would make sure that you are mentioned in the book and on the website, along with a link to your blog.

    I only have nine days left to get this funded, so any exposure you could provide would be very helpful.

    Thank you,
    Jacki Moss

    You may find the project at

  37. Have any of you heard of PETA’s campaign to free Mali, the lone elephant at the decrepit and barren Manila Zoo? The president of the Philippines recently issued a directive stating that she should be transferred to a sanctuary, and PETA are working to gather public support behind the initiative and expedite her transfer. Please sign this petition to give Mali a second chance at life!

  38. hi, i started a pet care blog (dogs and cats) 2.5 years ago.l recently extended my content to ALL animal welfare. i believe in and am learning animal communication. i have found a great blog focalheart from UK where the blogger receives messages from farm cows about how they want to be treated by humans, this touched my heart so much. http://thedogwalkersandiego.wordpress.com/focalheartanimal-communication/. thanks

  39. Excited to find a blog rejecting speciesism and keeping folks abreast of ethical issues. Keep up the good work.

  40. I really really like the theme on your web site, I run a web site, and i would enjoy to make use of this theme.

  41. Hey there! I just discovered your blog and love it! I’m wondering if you’ve ever read the book, Meatonomics? If not, here’s the link in case you want to check it out: http://meatonomics.com/

    Have a wonderful week! Celeste 🙂

  42. I’ve nominated you for a blogger award. I’m not sure if it created a pingback because I linked to your whole blog rather than a specific page. Here’s where I nominated you: http://nikkiharvey.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/versatile-blogger-award/

  43. I think you should post something about this: http://truthaboutpetfood.com/the-pet-food-test

  44. Hi I just wanted you to know that I have nominated your wonderful blog for the One Lovely Blog award, you deserve the recognition for all you do many thanks.

  45. Hello. I was hoping if there was anyway you could get this info out to your viewers or any way you can help. I just want my little girl back that was taken from me while I was at work.


    Please help. I need the public to help get my baby back. She was stolen in a burglary and theft incendent. This would mean the world to me. Please like and share to spread the word and if you see her please contact me on the page above. Thank you for any help in finding her or getting the word out.

  46. Glad I stumbled across this blog. Raising awareness for the protection of all creatures great and small is more important than ever. I’ll be following all of your posts with interest. 🙂

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