Animal Law Grants!

David Cassuto

From the email (with a huge hats off to Prof. Taimie Bryant at UCLA):

Thanks to generous funding from Mr. Bob Barker, UCLA Law School is pleased to offer the Animal Law and Policy Small Grants Program (“UCLA ALP Program”). The UCLA ALP Program exists to encourage new academic empirical research, with the goal of developing better empirical bases from which to understand, evaluate, and pursue animal law reform. Applicants from a variety of academic disciplinary backgrounds, including economics, sociology, demography, social psychology, moral psychology, medicine, plant-based nutritional science, cognitive science, law, public health, and public policy are encouraged to apply. Please note that the UCLA ALP Program does not support animal research. The UCLA ALP Program has two goals: Continue reading

Bob Barker Named Honorary Fellow of Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

David Cassuto

From the email: A richly deserved honor for Bob Barker:


The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics has selected multi Emmy award winning television personality, philanthropist, and educational pioneer, Bob Barker, as its sixth Honorary Fellow. The award is given to outstanding individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the protection of animals.

The Centre is an international academy of scholars pioneering ethical perspectives on animals through academic research, teaching, and publication. It is the first Centre of its kind in the world and has already established a new book series on animal ethics (with Palgrave Macmillan) and is shortly to launch a new Journal of Animal Ethics with the University of Illinois Press.

Barker has pioneered the teaching of animal law in the United States by generously endowing America’s top law schools including Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Northwestern, Duke, Georgetown, Virginia and Columbia. He endowed a chair in animal rights at Drury University (his own alma mater) in 2008. These endowments have enabled for the first time hundreds of university students to study animal law and ethics.        Continue reading

Bob Barker: Animal Law Sugar Daddy

Bob Barker, of The Price is Right fame, has just donated $1 million to the University of Virginia to underwrite an Animal Law Program there.  This is in addition to $1 million he has already given to Harvard, Duke, UCLA, Northwestern, Georgetown and Stanford respectively (rumor has it that Yale turned him down).  While Barker may not necessarily be the first person to pop to mind as most likely to fund animal law studies, he has long been active in animal advocacy.  Price is Right fans will remember his vocal opposition to fur and his advocacy of spay/neuter programs.

It is a wonderful thing he’s doing.  I hope he inspires others to get involved and that $$ continue to find their way to Animal Law Programs at other insitututions all across this great land.

David Cassuto