A Night on Broadway Worthy of Reflection

Alexandra Dunn

At the encouragement of Professor Cassuto, I am back with a second blog posting.  Last night, I had the good fortune to see Wicked on Broadway to celebrate my daughter’s 10th birthday.  Known as a “Wizard of Oz” prequel, the show in fact has a tremendously empowering story line involving animals and animal rights.  Let me explain…

The story essentially begins when socially popular and proudly superficial Glinda meets socially conscious and social outcast (due to her being born green skinned) Elpheba at University in Oz.  The last remaining talking animal on the University faculty is a distinguished goat, a professor of history, Dr. Dilomond.  During class, Dr. Dilomond finds a shocking message on his chalkboard – “Animals Should be Seen and Not Heard.”   He confesses to Elpheba that something terrible is happening to the talking animals of Oz – they are losing the ability to speak.  Even Dr. Dilamond is beginning to “baaah” during his lectures, a frightening change for such an articulate animal.

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