You Would Never Raise Your Voice to Your Mother…

 Sandra Mekita

            Walking along a crowded Boston street, you can see people stopping abruptly in front of you – if you did not run into them first – glaring at the spectacle across the street in front of a McDonalds. There are five people with signs and bullhorns surrounding a person in a beakless chicken suit and another in a bloody cow suit. PETA was staging a demonstration in front of a McDonalds protesting their animal farming practices. Although this scene draw attention for a brief moment while people we passing buy, I never heard anything about it the next day, or any day following. There was no staying power in their message, in fact, I went into a McDonalds just days later…

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Prop 2 Fallout

Interesting post here about the false dichotomy bandied about in the wake of Prop 8 and Prop 2 in California.  As Ari Solomon explains, Prop 2’s passage does not indicate a preference among Californians for animals over people.  The two measures and the situations of the beings involved are incomparable and the respective civil rights struggles they represent are the worse for any attempts to equate them.

David Cassuto