Wild Horse Protection Bill Makes it Through the House

horsesAs usual it wasn’t pretty (the term “sausage-making” seems disturbingly apt), but H.R. 1018, a federal bill to protect wild horses and burros from commercial sale and slaughter and also from wholesale government-sponsored killing, made it through the House. The vote was 239-195.  Among other things, the bill directs BLM to make wider use of fertility controls  and to let horses occupy more of public lands.  The hope is that if this bill makes it into law, it will prevent any more situations like that of last summer when BLM announced plans to kill 30,000 wild horses, only to have Madeleine Pickens (wife of T. Boone) announce that she would underwrite the horses’ continued existence (see post here), only to have that too not come to pass.  If this bill passes, we can cross off at least one ridiculous governmental fire drill (with potentially disastrous consequences) from the list of things we need to worry about.

–David Cassuto